Logging trailers, snowshoes and stuff


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Hi people and devs,

Lets start by saying that ... Well, i deeply love the the game so far. I'm 25+ hours in, but i feel like there some important things missing. Ok alpha is alpha :P but still.

Fist, the trailers : I'm very disappointed with what you can find into them. Thing is, there's two huge propane tank but yet no heater, gas stove or even gas based lighting. So please consider adding those things.

By the way, the tanks doesn't need to be full :P and, of course, add a way to see the level of gas remaining.

Second, snowshoes : Please add snowshoes modern and traditional to help travel speed only on snow, but please do NOT program it as a block for foot wear. Let it just be wearable as an addition to the set of boots the player have.

Third, items : I think more variety in items could really help the realism of the game to feel like there has been life before the incident. So here's my list of suggestions for items.

  • Wood saw (in logging camp)
  • Swiss knife (as a lesser way to open cans and fight wolfs)
  • A unique camping stove propane based like Coleman does
  • Upper body long underwear
  • Coffee and/or soup to gain calories, heat and drop fatigue
  • Cereals

So thank you for reading and considering my suggestions

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