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Introduce myself ? my Nickname is pw10a2sal and it derives from my first Phone (serialnumber) i got and the 3 first letters of my real name. I am italian from birth and live in Germany. I got my first contact with TLD through a Gameplay of a early access version in Youtube. It showed the Fluffy in the Carter Dam and the Woman was excited to play this game. I am a Adventure Fan with not a lot patience, I play the beginning over and over again but I never find the time to play the adventures through. I like the later Tex Murphy Adventures and the Magnetic Scrolls Adventures (for example Fish!) as well The Zork Adventures (i.e. Zork Zero) and IF Text Format Adventures. The other Genre I play gladly are the ones created by Paul Woakes, (Mercenary Escape from Targ and the Second City and Damocles) plus I played Midwinter. I have some experience with the Fallout 3 and Fallout Nevada Games, as well the Fallout 4 Game. But all the Zombies and the andrenalin pushing atmosphere is not my thing, I tried Far Cry but they were to bloody for me. So, I was very happy to find The Long Dark, and I bought Subnautica as well. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well. Needless to say I have a lot of Computer Gaming experience on my 40+ years back. The best Youtubers which helped me with TLD are/were = The Lone Gamer and Moira van Cartier and Geltaz. I have the Linux Versions, The Windows Versions from GOG and the STEAM version as well. I play mostly on Windows 7 on an HP 455 Probook a Quadcore with a lowend AMD R5 graphics card. But TLD never made any problems. I use trackballs always. And I do not wanna miss them ever.  It was sad that TLD was removed from the actual listing of GOG, but it was predictable, since GOG was bought in part by Disney  (only a few rights of the LucasArts Adventures) and joint forces with Steam to update with online service their games. I do not like this practice and I am not very prone to go online for purpose of chatting or something like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. I like the apokalypse stance of GOG, but it wasn´t the motive why I bought this game. It was the sandbox, and the statistics at the end which attracted me the most. The graphics were okay but I wasn´t interested very much in them as you can tell if you look what games I play before :-) . But it was amazing to stay in a blizzard at daylight and do not know where I was and its still is very amazing.  And I hope the sounds inside a cabin become all the way more a hint to the weather is outside. It improved very much from the Early Access Versions to the V1.47. I consider the best Version 1.29. Which does not mean that I do not play V1.47. Au contrair! I love the interaction with the animials (real and animated) And I would love to find some animals which aren´t openly hostile. My Weapons are a Rifle or better a Bow, but mostly I try to scare them away with the Emergency Pistol. And try to make through the areas safe and sound. I love the bunkers you put in the story mode and I love the shelters which are made from sticks and cloth. (Great Idea !) As you can tell I am foremost a single player and I do not mind to stay in front of the monitor for hours till night or morning if the game is good and stable. Well, I think I stop writing now before I do too much grammar errors and let you read this essay about me. Sorry its so long.


Thanks for the quiet apocalypse and go on with the good work.

P.S.: Before You ask I played Firewatch as well....

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Welcome to the forums! :) I'm glad you love TLD! It's one of favorite games as well. 

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