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deconstructing beds

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I'm thinking it would give you 10 cloth like the sleeping bag and will take 2 hours to deconstruct (knife needed)

and beds with... legs, stencil, wooden/metal frame... would give you reclaimed wood or scrapped metal depending on size

twin bed: 3 scrap metal:  3:30 time to deconstruct: hacksaw needed

full/double bed: 4 reclaimed wood: 4 hours: hatchet needed

bunk bed: 6 reclaimed wood: 7 hours to deconstruct: hatchet needed

bed: 3 reclaimed wood: 3 hours to deconstruct

please tell me what you think of the time.


it would be useful for long runs where cloth can be hard to find, and it would make sense since we sometimes got many beds in 1 location.

so if we could deconstruct it and repair cloth or make a snow shelter


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