Couldn't cure food poisoning


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Hello Guys!

First of all, thanks for this amazing game you have created, I'm having the most fun being eaten with wolfs every day :D

So this is the problem i had yesterday:

I ate 2 cans of dog food, on the second can Snake got food poisoning (too bad it wasnt a turkey, it would have made an amazing thanksgiving joke)

I tried to take antibiotics and nothing happened. While i didn't have the antibiotics on my inventory, the option was greyed out in the first aid view, it became green when i transferred them into my inventory. I was not able to take them

I tried to sleep it off by going to bed for one hour and the rest timer didn't decrease either.

I have made a highlight of my stream where you can see it:

0:26 Antibiotics not in inventory, "Items needed" greyed out in first aid view.

0:47 Antibiotics in inventory, "Items needed" is lit green. But character refuses to take the medicine like a 4 year old.

4:20 Tried to sleep it off for one hour, Rest timer didn't decrease

I hope this information is enough for you! First time doing bug report :?

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Food poisoning requires 2 antibiotics, you transferred 1 antibiotic from storage to your backpack, leaving 1 remaining in storage. Did you happen to survive anyway? I haven't tested it yet, but from what I understand, your condition will go down to 15% and then you can heal with surplus calories/water/sleep as normal.

Since 2 are required, perhaps transfers should always be 2 at a time for antibiotics/pain pills. Maybe the devs can consider changing this at some point.

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