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Previous Interloper best was 15 days.  Went for an ill advised run through FM towards the forge (assuming I'd find some shelter but, alas, I learned a lesson- dead by cold).

New run.  25 days in.  Forged a knife, hatchet and 10 arrow heads at the Riken.  Retreated successfully to mystery lake with the goal of gearing up, hunting and becoming one with winter.

First hunt went poorly as I followed a wolf that was prowling a deer up a slope.  Heard the sounds of the wolf tearing at flesh as I crested the ridge.  Had a clean shot but noted that the weather had me close to cold damage though I had barely spent 10 min outside.  Anxiety about how I was to harvest anything in this wind crept in.

Hit the wolf but missed the head so he ran off towards the frozen lake.  I followed, as I valued my arrow more than immediate meat and hides.  As I ran I was ambushed by 2 of his pack, somehow behind me now.  Luckily I had decoys and deployed them, though visibility was not ideal at all in the trees. One wolf made off with his meal and the other I shot, again missing a critical strike.  I now had 2 precious arrows running away from me into the unknown.  I was beginning to feel the condition penalties for being out in such weather and realized the penalties for being a poor shot with a bow.

I decided to book it back to the camp office and attempt harvesting later.  The third wolf had no intention of allowing this, without a fight, as he placed himself right in my path.  With no easy way around and still a decoy in my belt I steeled myself and prepared a shot.  By now my hands were shaking from mild exhaustion and my arrows did not fly true.  Several encounters later had me backing my way into the camp office with the realization that my first hunt had set me back considerably and worse, I had not the fuel nor food to stay healthy. 

The next few days had me running blindly through weather I wouldn't have dreamed to go out in just for a few sticks to burn to purify water.  I munched my stores of cattails.  Finally a break in the weather had me sprinting on the lake path towards the lake cabins where I knew I could find some reclaimed fuel.  My goal was to chop wood and fish for immediate survival.  My long term goals suspended in the face of 10% condition with zero buffer or respite.  The Interloper world is now laughing at me.

I come out of the cabin and sprint towards the nearest fishing hut, no opportunity for caution anymore.  I realize my path had led me to a choke point of decisions and it is now do or die.


I reach the hut in the dead of night.  It is day 33.  I am alive.  I will continue to fight The Long Dark.

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