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Greetings everyone. I am fairly new to the game and have only been playing for a day now but here is what I would like to see implemented.

1) In Options I would like to see a tab where I could change the dynamic lighting in the game so interior locations would not be so dark. Sometimes it is almost impossible to see in interior locations. An "ingame" option instead of changing a custom option on my monitor.

2)I would also like to see a way to save the game without having to enter a structure. Perhaps multiple save locations? With the current setup it is really bad when you are progressing thru the game and for whatever reason you die and then all of a sudden your "save game" is gone. In my opinion that is a little unfair to the player especially if you have serious hours of survival already and you get killed and have to start all over again. Not many people that I know want to keep starting over and over again without having the option to load their last save.

Anyway those are my two suggestions. Perhaps they have been wished for already but I did not want to spend the time to read all of the previous posts

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I don't want to be an ashole, but i object in a certain way:

1) This is also a reason why there are light sources in the game, like the lantern. But for the sake of realism i would state that the light should be adjusted towards the light that is outside and towards the human adaptation (Iris - pupil).

2) This game is about survival and not about 'load and save'. Think that this is like the ironman-mode, if you die then you die. Game Over, 'Insert Coin' without the coin and Save only if you leave the game.

I know that point 2 is hard, but learn to endure and enjoy the game even if you die. And the reward is not in simply playing the game but to learn about life and death and how to survive in the game. We humans learn throught two principles:

First through success, by reward. Second though failure, and by punishment.

While in nature the reward is the life itself, then the punishment is death. And think if you take out the punishment out of this game, the game will lose everything that makes this so good. Ok i exaggerate a little bit, but this is the core of this experience.

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