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There have definitely been people about--as their corpses attest. So why are there reliably food and supplies in every house?

I know, it's a resource balancing act where we, the player, have to have a chance. But on, say, the Coastal Highway, in the town... why haven't any of those houses been looted yet? I want houses whose drawers have been ransacked, whose cabinets are broken, that are empty except trash, some reclaimed wood, and a few overlooked crumbs. These people would be winter survivors too, I imagine: they would rage, rage against the dying of the light and not go gentle into that good night, I imagine.

It would help thin out those clothes-and-newspaper-rich central houses in the town, too, if a quarter or so of them had been ransacked. I don't need 100 tinder plugs and 100 pieces of cloth, honestly.

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They have obviously already been cleaned do you have 2 shirts and a jacket in your house or are all of those dressers full of old clothes? Do you have a few stale items of food or is there 40-200 kilos of food of different kinds there? And were told this is a rural area where people commonly store up for storms and power outages. People can only carry so much your getting what is left even though were told the "incident" that caused all this is what brought your plane down just at the start.

I grew up in a rural area in the central US. Almost everyone I knew had to sort out stuff to pitch every couple years cause all their closets and dressers were running over. Do you think people in the far north would have less clothes? We could have filled a small dump truck with the clothes in our house growing up and another pickup truck with food in the winter.

Most houses would have more old tax records than you could carry for making tinder.

Oh and I doubt many rural people would "rage" Never heard of it happening anywhere except in cities.

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One thing to remember [which may help answer common questions about why everyone vanished] is that the sandbox mode is meant as a learning place for the mechanics of the game -- which are also going to be the foundation for the main story mode when completed.

Given the size of the dev team, and time financial/time limitations, it's a smart move to use the alpha sandbox to test and tweak the main mechanics as more are added. It's best [smart time management] doing the additions and changes is sections for testing so that they can see what works, what doesn't, and what may be needed or removed [e.g. cutting back on some loot areas, adding bunker spawns when there were no bunkers previously, etc.]

It's easy to think of these first sandbox zones being the story progression [i.e. trying to figure out the mystery of vanishing people], but it's not. That's why there's also no need for a plane wreckage beside spawning points -- all those details will be covered, explored, and discovered in the story mode.

For "dead bodies" lying around, just think of most of them as stand-ins for the live NPC which will be from the story (they aren't needed for mechanics discoveries and testing) -- myself, I'm curious to see if we'll be finding out the backstories of some particular bodies like Max 'Last Stand' when the story mode is ready.

It's not that the entire population have mysteriously vanished [obviously in the story mode there are numerous NPC so that wouldn't be the case] -- but rather, they simply aren't required for the sandbox play.

The sandbox mechanics, and maps, will be a major part of the actual story mode foundation [which, I believe, is the reason the devs are doing their best to tweak the sandbox section by section to get it balanced just right]. It's also a case of time, manpower, and budgeting.

Once all the sandboxes are completed, and the story mode is finalized for play, maybe the devs will then be able to go in and throw in a few individual sandbox twists and gameplay turns afterwards... but for now the main goal is to tune it as best as they can in order to work with the more detailed storylines.

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