Bug Reporting Process & Best Practices

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When reporting bugs, please include the following information:

  • Bug name (this can be the forum post title)
  • Bug description (try to be thorough and specific)
  • OS (PC, Mac, etc.)
  • Repro steps: break down, step by step, how you can reproduce the bug; this will help us immensely with fixing it
  • Screenshot if it's relevant
  • Coordinates in the world if it's relevant
  • Visibility: how often this bug occurs given your repro steps: always, occasionally, rarely

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I've seen this already in some of the topics but it would be really helpful for players to verify bugs posted in these forums. This helps with providing as much detail as possible and lets us know the visibility of the bug.

As things are fixed it'll be great to get feedback confirming that the fix has taken care of the entire bug.

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Realizing you guys are super busy, but would it be possible to add a quick key that would load the clipboard with as many relevant and useful details as possible? Then the bug reporter would just have to paste that info into the bug report.

As well, I've found it useful to pre-format said data into something that can be easily migrated into excel/database. Obviously this becomes more of an issue once the volume of bugs increases.

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Erm, silly me. where can I see the coordinates of the world where I encounter a bug?

By using your F9 key. This takes a screenshot with the world coordinates at the same time.

ah thanks, i was taking screenshots with F12, the default steam screenshots...

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It would be great if you guys would provide also guide with screenshoots in steps,how to make Bug Reports as well Debug Log.It is all fine and well explained with words,but some of us,players,does not understand english perfectly well.Also( if I speak for myself),not everyone has complete aknowledge about computers and network.

Atm I have very big problem with rifle shooting,but I still have no idea,how and where to search my debug log,altough it is very well explained with words,by Allan Lawrence.If there would be also photo guide step by step included,it would be much more understandable for me,where and how to search.

But,maybe making pictured step by step guides would take too much space and time.I dunno,it is only a suggestion from a side of a player,who is desperate,coz he cannot enjoy in game and does not know,how to explain his issue. :-/

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Ok, thanks for the response about the HUD. So it is working for me. Just some things people mentioned made me wonder...

Alas, crashes continue with v 199 (and this time no chromium running, so my running memory usage is about 1.8 Gb before I start TLD. Again, transition, this time trying to go back from Pleasant Valley to the Coastal Highway... I'm attaching the output log, not crash report this time...

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I've been looking for a place to upload screen shots for bug reports and not seeing how to do it aside from putting the images on an external HTTP web server like Imagur or Facebook. Is there a place to put these debug screenshots? Thanks!


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Unfortunately there isn't a way to take an F8 screenshot with coordinates on it. However Xbox does have the ability to take screen shots. the process on how can be found here http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/09/xbox-screenshots/

If you have the Kinect plugged in then you just need to say "Xbox, Take a Screenshot" or you can double tap the Xbox Button on the controller and then press Y to save it.

Other than the screenshot portion, there's no way to get any logs or save files from you either, so do the best to describe what your issue is in as much detail and with reproduction steps.

You can post all your bugs in the Alpha Bug Reports & Tech Issues Forum. There is a section in there for Xbox players.


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Game crashing

Bug description (try to be thorough and specific)


When i playing at outside evrthg is okay,but when i come in the house after 2-5 min game freeze and shutdown.

Always,i trying to uninstall and install again but nothing happend. Game asked me to recive you crash log here you are. http://www.mediafire.com/download/tay8az7ewq11x9l/2015-09-30_021436.rar

P.S. Just after you last update v270..before it evrhtg was okay

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Games not saved.


Ive been having issues where the "swirly thing" wouldnt stop turning in the game, thus the game wasnt being saved.


Since the 270 update.

The swirly thing doesnt even appear most of the time.

After entering or leaving a building, mine, or area.

It only seems to save the game after I sleep in bed, or sometimes.. while I hold my breath... after I sleep

in my sleeping bag.

Ive read that uninstalling helps, I've tried that twice with no luck.

Just frusterating as all out to play the game, go from coastal highway , exlpore the desolation point, then stop playing only to go back the next day, start the game, and find out it wasnt saved. Instead of being at the stop point.. ie say inside the lighthouse.. you are started way back at coastal highway.


It was supposed to load at coastal highway, at leat thats what the info on the load screen said,

but it loaded way back at pleasant valley. This has only happened 1 time today so far.. holding my breath on that one too.

I love love love your game, but the game saves.. ie no swirly at all most of the time indicating it is saving, has me wanting to start drinking again.

Please help devs. if u can....

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