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How to Get Technical Support or Report a Bug

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If you see something in the game that is clearly a bug, you can report it here, or by clicking the  Get Help / Report an Issue link in the top right of the Support Portal.

If possible, please include the following information:

  • Where in the game you were (Region, approximate location, Game Mode)
  • How often you have seen this issue
  • What steps we could take to reproduce this bug ourselves
  • A screenshot or video link, if relevant
  • Your Session Log file, if you play on a desktop or laptop.

If your issue is related to crashing or graphical glitches, try these troubleshooting steps, first!

Taking Screenshots

If you play on a desktop or laptop, the best way to take a screenshot for a bug report is to use the F8 key. The image will be added directly to your desktop and will include some detailed information about your game that can help us look into the issue more quickly.

For detailed information about taking Screenshots and Video Clips on an Xbox One, visit

If on a PS4, visit:

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