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16 hours ago, peteloud said:


". . .  Some good loot maps of the area on Google images and there's also some good maps on the Steam community forums."

When I first came across the maps by Whiteberry I thought that they were fantastic. They made so many tasks simple.  I soon realised that they spoiled the game.  The most exciting and Adrenalin-raising days were when you first start playing and know nothing about the territory.   In those days I would often be cold and hungry, out in a mist having no idea where I could shelter for the night.  The Adrenalin was racing through my veins, (or whatever it does), it was scary.  When you have the maps, or lots of experience in the game that excitement rarely arises.  You know where there is a house or cave with a stock of food and wood.  The excitement and challenge are greatly reduced.

I see your point and I do believe I understand where you're coming from.  On the one hand, there are no in-game maps to be found, so using a map (metagaming) does break immersion in that sense.  But then again, if you're carrying any charcoal you can make your own in-game map you're only doing it after you have entered and explored the area.   I primarily use maps only for ML and PV just so I can have a general idea as to where there might be a possible bunker spawn.  Your point about excitement that rarely rises, yeah, i get that too.  with over 600 hours played I totally understand what you mean.

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