[SOLVED] Graphics not working anymore Mac


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I just purchased the long dark from steam and the game played just fine on my early 2011 macbook pro on medium settings.

Out of curiosity i tried the graphics ultra settings and as soon as i did that, the craphics broke and i couldnt see anything.

I uninstalled the game by using steam's delete local content option. I then downloaded and istalled the game again, but the same problem continues.

I can still hear the game and start a new game by randomly clicking on the screen but i didn't manage to change the graphics blindly. Is there any possibility to set the game's graphics before launching the game? The game started with low graphics as a default so i don't understand why it starts with ultra after reinstallation.

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I am having the same problem. Which hidden files did you have to remove?

(I also tried editing unity.Hinterland.The Long Dark.plist, by changing the UnityGraphicsQuality from 3 to a lower number. But my value gets reset to 3 as soon as I launch the game.)

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