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Now, don't pitchfork me right away as I haven't explored the entire gameplay area, but eventually, long term, say, a year from now, what kind of map size are the devs aiming for? If the same level of depth and detail is kept that exists in the current environment, there would be no need to have say, a Chernarus (Day-Z/ArmA II - Bohemia Interactive) sized map, but I was wondering if it would be expanded upon. Perhaps in a purchasable DLC? Or maybe the workshop could be used to play community created survival environments.

What does everyone think?

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Currently there are 2 regions, Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway. There hasn't been very much concrete information about the devs' intentions on the final size of TLD's map, but from what has been said we can conclude that they do intend a much larger map than we have now. Mystery Lake has been said to be a fraction of the total playable area and in another post it has been said that there will be around 10 regions, each with their own unique "feel"/ atmosphere/ character. So expect a lot more to become available in the future.

Also keep in mind that TLD is to be an episodic game and what's being made now is supposed to be episode 1. If the sales are good enough there will be an episode 2 in the spring, episode 3 in the summer etc. These new episodes will possibly/probably feature new area's as well.

There have been no official comments on supporting Steam Workshop or modding in general for as far as I know, other than that they would like to support modding at some stage. Modding support is something many people including me would like to see.

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