Falling stars sometimes

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1 hour ago, NardoLoopa said:

Real star-map would also be welcomed, though probably more work than its worth.

Definitely more work than it's worth. I like the in-game night sky - you can even see tens of other galaxies, makes you think.

+1 for an occasional falling star. Will add perfectly to the magical atmosphere.

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Okay, I saw a falling star in the game today.

I was going to bed, grabbed the flashlight in my hand and I noticed the aurora was kicking in. I was in the radio control hut, I went outside to head to the rural store when I saw it. The sun was just over the hills, it wasn't dark yet but the stars and the aurora were already slightly visible and there it was - falling rather slowly, without too much of a tail and disappeared in the horizon.

I hope to see one in the complete darkness as well.

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