A formal "Hello" from Ohio


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I just wanted to formally say "Hello" to everyone here. I just did the $80 CAD donation. I'm looking forward to playing this hardcore survival game so much.

About me in real-life:

I'm a 35 year old former urban city midnight shift uniform police officer (2002-2011), turned I.T. Operations Analyst (2011-2014) and soon to be a full-time cop again, but this time in a much, much smaller town (actually a village). I'm extremely happily married with an awesome 6-month old daughter (Eliana). I love the outdoors, bass fishing, working out, reading zombie books and generally spending lots of time with my family.

About me on the interweb:

I'm a youtuber: Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel and obviously The Long Dark fits into my genre perfectly! It looks absolutely incredible. I especially love the hand drawn graphics and omission of silly things like zombies and other various monsters. They do have their place in certain games, but sometimes they seem like the are an afterthought because there aren't any developers out there with the stones to make a survival simulator...until now, 'Hinterland enter stage right'.

I have been spreading the good word about this game during the gameplays and livestreams of other games I play (Project Zomboid, The Forest, theHunter). No one has heard of this game, but (especially during streams) when I tell them about the game and tell them to visit this site, they get REALLY excited for it! This is a hidden gem with some awesome talent working in the shadows towards something great...fueled by pancake wars. ;)

I only have two questions. Will I be able to livestream and youtube gameplay this without copyright issues? Also, since I've donated enough for the early access, can I make videos during the early access time period?

Keep up the great work guys and gals. I hardly ever donate to development, but there is something different and special about this one.




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