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In the Wolf's Skin [Day/Night]

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I hope this is the correct section. Please let me know if this needs to be moved to a more suitable location. :)


Hi folks! How about starting a good old mafia game?

You are a bunch of wildlife doing your happy wildlife thingy in this cold cold Canada when trouble strikes. A couple of survivors dressed in animal skins infiltrate your community. Each night, animals begin disappearing and you sense an alarming scent of the fire. You must figure out who the impostors are and catch them before it's too late.

The game has two teams, heroes and villains. Each night, the villains choose a target to eliminate. The following day all surviving players openly vote against the person they think is most likely to be the villain. At the end of the voting round the person with the most votes gets eliminated. The game goes on until either the heroes are out or all villains are caught.




Heroes (hinterland animals)

Wolf: your sensitive nose lets you sniff out the clues. Every night you may stalk a player and find out what they're up to.

Bunny: the others may laugh at your grassy preferences, but no one knows herbs better than you. Each night you may heal a player of your choice, but hence you're so defenceless you may not heal yourself.

Moose, bear, deer, crow and rainbow trout: you are doing your best to figure out this chaos and have the ability to vote during daytime.



Survivors: Nothing personal, you're just trying to survive and require calories to do so. Each night you will catch an animal and cook it or take its hide.


+ Foremost, please follow all forum rules.
+ Please do not discuss your role with other players or claim a role openly. Only the villains may pm each other about the game.
+ Always bold your vote and make it well visible.
+ You may change your vote twice per voting round. In doing so, state from whom to whom bolded.
+ You may not vote for yourself.
+ Eliminated players may not share the knowledge derived directly from their role, but they may still discuss their suspicions.
+ Make sure you have the ability to pm me as all roles will be assigned over pm.
+ I will use a random number generator to determine everyone's roles.
+ In the event of a voting tie, I will either flip a coin or use a number guessing system.

If you wish to join the game please say so!


Game 1 Sign Up List


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56 minutes ago, SneakySquid said:

I'm in!

Welcome aboard! The Grizzly flights are collecting passengers, comfortable landing zone not guaranteed. :ph34r:

Have you played mafia games before?

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1 minute ago, SneakySquid said:

Yeah in France were I live they are a really big thing!

That's cool. This game is popular all over the world. Sherlock Holmes is a popular character and Hercule Poirot is appreciated no less!

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