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My TLD Memorable Moments + Updates

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(This is on a Pilgrim Run since I love to explore!)

I have been Camping at the Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge.


So I finally made it past day 50 for the "Ready for when the SHTF!" Achievement... this has got to be the longest I have played on one save, I am now working on the "Centurion & The Will To Live" Achievements. 

Anyways... during the time I could not hunt with a Gun since I was also doing the "Silent Hunter" Achievement I found this poor dead guy laying beside a nice Bow! and he also had an Arrow. Well then I look over and I found a dead Deer beside him as well, not only that but the Deer had an Arrow in him. I realized the poor guy must have shot the Deer before he died, so I took the Bow and Arrows while wondering if the poor guy died from the cold or from some sort of predator. 


Here is a Moose I recently snagged around Day 55, I two shotted him with my Rifle. 


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