Does Foot Wear Affect Sprain Probability?

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6 hours ago, jeffpeng said:

Would be appreciated to get an official statement. I haven't "looked into" the matter since the update, so I don't know if foot wear affects sprain chance or not as of today. What I do agree upon is that it indeed should matter. Also same with hands. Wearing big, sturdy, heavy gloves should have some sprain protection over wearing a pair of mittens.

My honest opinion after extensive experiences in getting loads of sprains in the same points of the maps and under roughly the same encumbrance and fatigue conditions, is that the answer is no, footwear does not seem to affect the chances of getting a sprain.  I'm seemingly getting the same amount of ankle sprains in my save file that is wearing combat boots as the save file where I am wearing mukluks.  I'm even more certain about wrist sprains, since these are even more common for me than ankle sprains and are still roughly the same in both files.  In one I am wearing rabbit mitts and in the other I am wearing leather gauntlets.  Admittedly, both of these are leather, but I would think that the extended cuff on the gauntlets would provide more support to a wrist than the short rabbit mitts.  Of course, this is not a scientific test... just an observation from a player who is still getting far too many sprains overall.  I think the most influential factor is the path/route and there are some ones that are very commonly used and with relatively gentle slopes that are just programmed to give off higher percentages of sprains than some other steeper and less common routes.  For example, I will get a sprain on the little hill near Max's Last Stand virtually every time I go over it to get from Trappers Cabin to the Camp Office.

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So far as I can tell, sturdy footwear and/or gloves have no impact on the sprain mechanic or probabilities associated with it.  It would be reasonable if they did, but at present I really don't think it does.  Considering that's just how it is... I'm fine with it.  I really never get sprains nowadays, except for the rare times they are well deserved (climbing all over terrain to do more mapping and such - and even when I am climbing all over hell's half-acre a sprain is rare for me). 

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I've been thinking about this a bit more, and I'm not sure I would really want this changed. Here is why: 

If HL reduces sprain risk for better footwear and gloves they basically trivialize sprains in the later game - or even just relatively early, depending on your luck. Now depending on that and your difficulty you will heavy sturdy footwear and rugged gloves relatively early in the game. So to not make sprains trivialized they would have to raise the overall sprain chance, so that wearing appropriate gear would maybe come out a bit better than it is now, maybe just the same. The big problem with this is that not having appropriate gear would be much more punishing than it is now, arguably in a stage of the game where a sprain can be a serious danger.

So in short this would lead to one of two things: Either the defacto removal of sprains in the mid to late game, or broken limbs all over the place in the early game. Both which I, after some consideration, don't agree upon, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the reasons it was never implemented.

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