The Long Dark Wintersports

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I bought the game for both me and my dad as Christmas presents and we've been having a lot of fun with it.

Our country is one that sees a large amount of snow most years (Estonia) and we have been talking about what we wish was in the game nearly nonstop.

Growing up my dad had to make most of his toys and methods of transportation himself. It's not terribly difficult to make a pair of primitive skis and you can make a pair of bone skates and a pair of primitive snow shoes rather quickly as well. Of course this is not always common knowledge and was something that he had to read about from a book (since there was no internet to be had).

We want to make our own sleds (to drag those deer carcasses home and deal with them at our own leisure) and animal fat candles. Had a good laugh at the idea of riding down a mountain on a sled and slamming into a tree.

We want to make beef jerky to keep us well fed without having to carry fresh and juicy (but heavy) meat around.

We also really really want to be able to make our own landmarks by taking a piece of coal and drawing arrows, crosses and exclamation marks onto walls.

Also, where are the binoculars?


Just two fans throwing some ideas at a wall here and hoping that something sticks!

From a cold country that sees the "sun" (those pesky clouds seem to always be in the way) light for around 6 hours every day, with love

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Skis may or may not work, but there has gotta be a way to implement snow shows, I mean they could be weaved with sticks or something. So yea good idea!

I also agree with you on the sled idea, I'd love to be able to make a little sled to pull stuff with. 

The animal fat candles and beef jerky is another idea I'd absolutely love to see!

As for landmarks I have mainly been using rocks to show which buildings I've done been in, I know you could maybe drop and position sticks or something already. 

Lastly for binoculars I agree we should be able to have those. Good idea!

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Yeah, these are pretty commonly requested ideas. Maybe one day some of these will be added...

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Yup, all good ideas and I'm sure at least some of them will be added one day.

With regards to making your own landmarks, what a lot of people do is leave themselves a trail using stones/charcoal or something like that. It's not super practical for long journeys, but I always leave a trail from my main base, to say, the nearest fishing hut for example. It can really save you if you get caught in a blizzard. 

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