Longest run! no shady moves used!


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lmg i did this run without doing anything shady..... lol the bar goes higher and first thing you say is " the guy might have logged off if he got food poisoning..." my profile was here... could of asked... you know? instead of trying to diminish my mark. i had the Med bunker map and had O lot of meds , even had 2 doses left at the end. used them to get a few more days eating raw meat then died of hunger since i had no more matches to cook with. Dont think my score can be beaten without having the meds bunker map. I never went into a house until my matches where at 10% or lower , then i looted a new house (found matches in almost all houses) and waited till those new matches got to 10% and repeated the single house looting process... this bought me time to pass me bullets and flares. flares equal one bullet in this game atm.

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