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I've been playing a Custom-Interloper survival game and I'm just over 50 days in. Most of the settings are on Interloper but I turned to wolf population, and item decay down to Stalker levels.

After searching almost all of Milton, Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, Desolation point and all the regions in between I have FINALLY found my first bedroll on day 51. Playing the game without a bedroll has been quite restrictive and I have no idea how I managed to avoid getting cabin fever up until now. I do spend as much time outdoors as I can but because it's Interloper I can only spend about 30 seconds outdoors before I start freezing my butt off. Until now I have only slept indoors and I have done most of my crafting etc indoors as well so there's no way that I haven't spent the majority of my time indoors.

I'm guessing that either I accidentally turned off CF in the custom game settings or the description of CF in the wiki is no longer accurate (it states CF starts when you spend the majority of 6 days indoors). Is there some way I check the difficulty settings of my saved game? 

And is anybody aware if the criteria for CF has been changed in recent patches? Does it still happen if you spend 51% of your time indoors? The other thing that doesn't help is that it's still not totally clear what is considered indoors and what is considered outdoors. From reading the forum and wiki I have heard that following places are considered outdoors:

  • vehicle interiors
  • fishing huts
  • snow shelters
  • shallow caves (part of the open world) 

But the following places are still considered indoors:

  • deep caves (separate from open world)
  • mountaineer's hut 

I assume that the look-out towers in Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway are also considered indoor environments? What about the small hut at the picnic area in Milton? Does anybody have more things to add to these lists? 

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29 minutes ago, Pharose said:

because it's Interloper I can only spend about 30 seconds outdoors before I start freezing my butt off.

Off topic, but you might need better clothing. With deerskin boots, rabbit skin mittens, deerskin pants + jeans, double thin wool sweater, double wolfskin coat I'm at only 1 or 2 arrows down late afternoon. And that's on Day 80. Early morning is very unpleasant (not surprising), but I'm surprised it's not colder later in the day. I can spend quite some time outside if I time my excursions right. I am slowly working on curing bear skins though. In retrospect I should have done that a lot sooner

In my current run I had only two instances of cabin fever. One was outright fever when I did my forging. That usually happens. And a few days ago I had a mild fever risk. When crafting my clothing I did take care to sleep outside in a car or used an outdoor workbench now and then.

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I think there's something off about Cabin Fever when you're using custom settings.

The latest update apparently fixed a bunch of things about Custom Mode, but I don't know if Cabin Fever was one of them. I do know that I've never acquired the affliction in all the time I've played with Custom Settings, which is the vast majority of the time since they were introduced. 

I'm not sure if Cabin Fever works at all in that mode, but if it does it definitely isn't on the same parameters as on Interloper. 

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At day 80 I have finally found myself at risk of cabin fever. This was after spending many days inside at the crafting table and harvesting bags of bear-meat. So cabin-fever is confirmed but I feel like it should have come a lot sooner.

It's still 50% of time indoor/outdoors right? I suspect that in custom mode it will default to the Voyageur setting and won't come into effect until day 50 or so. 

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I recently ran a test on my Stalker level survival save. Assuming it is still working over a six day average, the risk appears around the 25% mark. To keep yourself from going over 100% risk and getting cabin fever, around 4-5 hours a day outdoors might be enough. 6 Would be safe.

On a related note, despite the back of the cave overlooking the camp office counting as 'indoors' in terms of the hours spent log, it reduced cabin fever.

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