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Ice Hole

The Grinch Who StoledT FESTIVUS Pop Quiz for Any Whos and Poll

The Grinch Who StoledT Christmas  

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Remember The Dr Seuss (pronounced "Zoice" but what do i know) book and/or cartoon.  Not the movie.  Definitely not the movie.  It's a Canadian pride thing I am told.

The Grinch did not like any Who down in Whoville.  In fact he planned to steal away their winter time celebration.

Pop Quiz.  From memory.

When the grinch stoledT all the presents, toys, foods; not even left a morsel large enough for a mouse; everything taken away; the Whos awoke in the next morn and discovered their fabulous roast beasts and their shinny tintinkers, the snoofs and the fozzels,  every thing for the celebration disappeared; what did the Whos in Whoville do?


What happened after the Whos in Whoville do after what they do?


What was the significant event that happened next?


Ask this to any Who.  See if they can answeAr without looking up the answer. 3  <-  remove the space ya cheater
With your closet family and friends


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It has occurred to me that many people might not have ever seen the book/cartoon.  Perhaps the movie scarred them off.  Just finding out there is a new 2018 movie coming soon to an *** near you.  The original Chuck Jones cartoon is a masterpiece so ah well let us just scribble over the Mona Lisa with a crayon.

For those whos that never heard of the story of the Grinch.  Imagine the winter feast that everyone in a small isolated village has prepared for and then on the morning of the feast, party or festivus they find all has been taken.  The Grinch was expecting to hear the cries and whimpers of the poor boo whos. 

If you were placed in such circumstances what would you do?


Happy Festivus!

For those that can remember the original Tony The Tiger Voice.  Therrrrrre GREAT!

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I don't think you're happy enough.

That's right! 

I'll teach you to be happy!

I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!

Now boys and girls.

Let's try it again.



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