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[bBvideo 560,340:3vma2ssr]


In this video I see how hot I can make it by having 2 fires going at once, and try to uncover the mystery of why it takes longer to forage at certain times under seemingly the same conditions. Then At the end I get food posioning twice, and die. Check that out and see why this mechanic is broken as of 11/22, (Happy to report the next update with include a different lethality for this)

[bBvideo 560,340:3vma2ssr]


I die pretty fast in this one

I started making some videos of The Long Dark. I don't do a lot of snaz or bullshit overtalk. I just play. If you like to watch and pick up tips just watching then my vids are for you. If they aren't that is fine too. I have died alot and some of the more interesting ways are chronicled.

Everything is in HD now but some of the early stuff was in 4:3 sorry about that. Enjoy.

I'll start off with a shorter one which is a real gem. About 11min chronicled for 8 hours and I die trying to find the ground in the dark to light up a fire. LOL.

Many more to come

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