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Guest Gamer935

In This New Picture For The Redux Update Coming Next Week He Is Holding A Spear I Have Seen Many People On Here Asking For A Spear So It Is Super Exciting 

And Also Looking Forward To Anything Else Added Too The Game What Would You Like To See Added 


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Yep, they've been talking about the bear spear for a while. That looks like a pretty heavy duty spear in the picture and it's not what I was hoping for but any type of spear is appreciated.

All I wanted was the ability to make a simple fire-hardened spear. All you need is a straight peice of wood (usually a sapling) a sharp object to whittle the end into a point and a fire to make the point hard and brittle. It's one of the most basic survival tools in the history of humanity and yet it's extremely effective against wolves (probably won't kill a bear but will definitely make them look elsewhere for a meal). 

The invention of the spear predates the human species by millions of years. If chimps can use a pointed stick then I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to. 

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