Empty deer carcass and dissapearing deer carcass


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I managed to chase both deer that walk near the town on the Coastal Highway map towards the wolves roaming around the fishing huts more near the middle of the bay. Each deer was attack by a wolf. I went inside the fishing hut to warm up (it was early morning and I was freezing).

After 3 hours I was warm again and went outside. Both carcasses were lying where the deer were killed. I went to the one on the left to get the gut and hide, but there weren't any. The carcass had 0 meat, 0 hide and 0 gut...

I went to check the other carcass, and it was gone. It couldn't have been more than 6-7 hours since it was killed.

I thought there should always be hide and gut left after a wolf is finished with a deer carcass. But this doesn't always seem to be the case. This could explain the disappearing deer, as carcasses disappear a few hours after all meat, hide and gut is gone or after a few days whichever comes first.

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