TLD not showing up on Xbox Store for some countries!

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This problem has been reported by me about less than a year ago and it is still present although it has been acknowledged at the time by a moderator/dev.

Although I bought the game, after it's launch the game is not showing up on the Xbox marketplace for Brazilian (and probably other countries') accounts. Therefore, the only way to download the game is switching my account region to UK or US and then installing the game.

I can play it without any problem after switching back my region to Brazil. The issue is finding the game so you can install it.

This might though concern you guys more than me, as while it's just a bit annoying for me to do this in case I reinstall the game, you guys are probably losing sea as no one with a Brazilian account can even find the game on the store.


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Thanks for your post, ArcherAC3. We agree -- not having the game available in Brazil is pretty frustrating! 

The Long Dark doesn't currently have an official content rating in Brazil, and because of this it's not available on stores or on consoles that are set to the Brazil region. We have submitted requests for a rating  are hoping so have this issue resolved soon, especially now that our Skybound disc release is available.

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