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Day 50


- woke up bright and early, i hope the weather is presentable, let's have a cup of coffee

- this is one wicked climb, tallest so far with a landing, ahh! the wind is staggering on top

- Summit? WOOHOOOO!!! AWOOOO!! Oh I know where... I know where I am! This is my airplane! Hueee! I have climbed to the top!

- Tap dance! I am the Queen on these mountains! Never mind the flag, I'm keeping my socks! It's freezing up here if this frozen guy is anything to judge by, some survivor made it up here without pants kudos to him

- Running past a big plane wheel and a wing fragment! whoa there, where is the front section of the plane? Just the tail left.

- Can't say it's toasty in here. Accelerant! Nice. Quick start fire. I'm getting frostbite on my hands. eep! I left my gloves in the cave.

- bust the containers closest to the fire. Clothes! Three pairs of red undies, they're better than blue! A bunch of hats and scarves, nope, no gloves ouch.

- what else is there? Another flare pistol and seven shells. Nice!

- Food! Excellent food! 12 MRE, salty crackers, peanut butter; another container has 7L of water and many summit sodas from the summit hurr hurr! i catcha

- breaking green crates for more firewood and running back to the fire to remove the cold after each hour

- 96 matches, two firestrikers, 5 more accelerants, antiseptic, 6 painkillers yes please, and a sewing book!

- lmao! Something like seven storm lanterns, two quality tools, two metal pieces

- mwuhaha! I'm so not leaving this mountain until I drag every single item down!

- I have 45 coffees! I'll boil one more cup and one more cup of herbal tea for rest, breaking crates made me super tired

- dumped more reclaimed wood into the fire and slept


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Day 51


- I'm going to drag all these lanterns down the mountain, along with whatever I can grab

- coffee and go go go! It's snowing heavily again. I bet a blizzard is waiting to ambush me in the middle of the rope and then freeze my hands off so I'd fall

- made it back in spite of the frostbite reaching 69%

- put all my clothes back on, that was a bad idea to leave some behind, i had to keep running back to the fire to warm up

- it's warm in the cave but i start a fire anyway to heal faster. i've got enough fir logs and coal

- organised various piles like medicine, matches, clothes, tools

- I'll pass on climbing back to the summit today

- read a few hours

- drank summit sodas since i have left the water at the plane, then slept

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Day 52


- coffee and let's go back! the moon didn't hide yet, snow falls in big flakes, the sky is brown

- i walk past the rope due to low visibility and then backtrack

- even with all my clothes on it's around zero, the summit is extremely cold, but very beautiful, the top of the world, how I do love all tall places

- I wander if I could push that airplane down the mountain and ride it like the sleigh. that would be one wild ride! Then I could crash into that moose and he instantly becomes a pile of cooked meat. Certainly faster than carrying fifty two lanterns down twenty ropes.

-  napped an hour, i'm going to explore the plateau and use charcoal from the campfire

- taking it slow gathering and getting sticks, discovered a wing section, my clothes are getting soaked and it dropped below zero, i'm hiding inside the airplane

- hmm grizzly airlines, makes me wander about the cargo i used to carry and whether that cargo is now loose on this mountain

- broke two green crates and put my hacksaw to work: 4 heavy hammers, that's a doozie to drag down, i really will, got more tools

- another compartment is for rifles, a 24% one and 30 rounds!!! hoho!

- first aid compartment, i can get poisoned ten times it seems, 18pills against it

- another clothes compartment, that's the one that had mittens, 2 expedition parkas (I set the world record! anybody else have 4 expeditions parkas on voyager at the same time?) 3 fisherman sweaters

- i'm going to repair this fisherman sweater from 21% condition and replace my thick wool one. cannot sew? why? oh need a sewing kit, that's the ONLY thing I don't have

- lets hacksaw another compartment maybe it has what i need, 5 pairs of pretty ruined work pants, they're heavy 0.75kg each!

- tearing up these pants until sundown, they're a lot of work 1cloth for 30mins, mittens are 1 cloth per 10mins

- made fire due to the sneaky killing weather and slept

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Day 53


- the sky is yellow like a cracked egg, it's breathtaking peering off the edge

- ow! a sprain at the bottom of the rope, of course i'm carrying 4 hammers, i always take a couple of painkillers per trip

- slept 2h to get rid of fatigue, coffee, i am going back up

- knew it, snowing again, eternal Christmas, providing you have so much food of course

- i haven't explored every nook at the top yet

- gathering and strolling, here's a cave and an adventurer, more medicine, 2 coal

- this is a good alternative to sleeping in the tail section

- went back and broke the last green crate, cleaned the rifle from 24 to 97% hoped to get a rifle better but simply got a clean rifle

- making a new ritual, boil 2 cups of coffee before sleep


Day 54


- after 10h and herbal tea still not fully rested, lets do 2 more hours

- whoa! a blizzard and -5C i had slept without any fire, it seems the cold snuck in late since i've taken no hits, this is dangerous

- oh well, picked up lots of wood, crouched to make fire... ?? where's the blizzard? it's +3 i bet it decided to lure me out instead and get me when i'm far from shelter

- can't stay here, let's go!

-  why am i moving slowly at the bottom of the rope? 30.02kg? 1 match overweight and I used the rope? weird

- drag drag and drop drop, i want to take advantage of this weather, i think i can sleep 2h and head back up unless it changes

- yep still good to climb, how lovely i'm not even freezing

- checked every container, this is the last pack off the summit, i've taken everything that wasn't nailed down

- coming out of the plane i notice a frozen guy on a tall boulder i haven't checked, aha how did that happen? candy bar, knife and 4 feathers! what a useful guy and i almost left him behind

- lovely summit. pictures taken, blizzards conquered, if there are any other secret nooks i've given my best shot to find them

- go back very tired, eat peanut butter and sleep

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Day 55


- soooo I need to go down yes? there is a rope hanging conveniently right outside the cave on the left

- scout a wolf guarding boxes bummer he's close, i'm going in to grab a rifle

- stopped on the ledge, the wolf runs even closer but takes down a rabbit

- go for it, if he attacks i have hatchet and my rifle

- keeping to the wall away from the wolf and trip over a rope dropping area, do you wish to drop your super heavy, super encumbering, you wish to get rid of, rope? y/n

- yes yes and go down lmao have i been climbing in circles? there is another wolf guarding boxes

- this is going to be a problem if i have to carry a rifle every climb... boo... i will eventually fail to avoid one of these guys, oh well, i guess i will have to kill them and clear the way to carry stuff... er... maybe since one on every landing and they have pointy teeth and this and that

- keeping to the ridge as well to get away from this one until i run into a cave, great!

- if you have a bedroll, timberwolf actually has a lot of deep caves which are warm

- i'm going to sleep 3h and go back... yes i'm taking the rifle and hatchet and bandage and antiseptic and painkillers sigh

- from the hill i spot the first wolf on the other side of the ravine heading my way but he's far and on the other landing a wolf is busy chasing deer... i guess i should get my business done before he runs out of deer and rabbits

- i wander if they'd accept a spare lantern as tollgate instead?

- came back nicely tired oh i'm almost out of water and not much firewood either. dropped my only fir log into the fire and went out to pick up several sticks to finish boiling 2L i'm too tired to chop i guess i'll take care of this tomorrow, now sleep


Day 56


- swiped out of the ski boots into insulated boots to lessen the weight

- both wolves are taking vacation or i didn't see them in the fog

- back on the higher level travelled to the other side to chop up three cedar limbs and gathered some rosehips

- there is another rope drop area

- came back to the cave, fatigue is big, slept 2h while the water boiled

- boiled 10 cups of coffee, also lost my coffee in the pile of loot and barely found it in between salty crackers

- boiled more water, ate my yummy peanut butter and slept

This is my treasure cave. :)


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22 hours ago, tulkawen said:

why am i moving slowly at the bottom of the rope? 30.02kg? 1 match overweight and I used the rope? weird

Was it snowing as you descended? Your clothes and shoes will get heavier as they get wet and absorb water.

Like you, I find it so tempting to try and get all the loot off the mountain. I don’t need 7 lanterns, but there is a feeling of triumph when I have them all lit up in the Mounatineers’ Hut.

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3 hours ago, Czhilli said:

Was it snowing as you descended? Your clothes and shoes will get heavier as they get wet and absorb water.

Like you, I find it so tempting to try and get all the loot off the mountain. I don’t need 7 lanterns, but there is a feeling of triumph when I have them all lit up in the Mounatineers’ Hut.

Good point. I actually tend to take about 29.5kg with me because of the fatigue. It is snowing often when i'm climbing too.

How do you light all 7 at the same time and set them in a circle? I can only hold 1 and light. That sounds fun. ^_^

I'm also finding them useful because the cave system is very big and dark. I'm going to preserve one or two, but when the other ones run out of fuel I'm going to scrap them for metal.

I'm also starting to question if it's actually better to live at the cave while you have food. That hut has a hole the size of a bus in the roof. I think the cave might be warmer. I can sleep in it without building a fire.

Day 57


- more up and down hop banana

- this time i will sleep at the bottom cave

- after the first rope climb got tired which put the items about half kg overweight

- fixed it by drinking coffee and water. then went down the second rope

- got back to the lower cave and read 2h before dark

- slept 10h


Day 58


- it's -1C outside, snowfall and the wolves are vigilant

- i saw one patrolling the upper landing and hid behind the climbing rock. he kept walking in a straight line my way until he saw me

- fired a shot and missed, the shot scared him so i began walking towards the rope

- the wolf reset to the left on the way to the rope and began creeping up on me

- this is my spare rifle that had 1 bullet; i kept backing slowly towards the rope then he suddenly decided that my face isn't trustworthy even without the bullets and ran away

- grabbed stuff and two cups of coffee, reloaded my spare rifle, slept 1h, went back to the lower cave and slept 2h

- it's fairly late and the fatigue is so so, i would like to try making it back to the upper cave, sleeping another hour will make it too dark

- the wolf at the lower level spotted me this time. he also got scared of the missed shot, ran a circle around me while i walked to the rope

- on the way up the second rope my climbing stamina dropped into red, i barely made it over the edge, as soon as i did all stamina dropped to full red

- dragged my feet back to the cave. i've eaten all my peanut butter, shame since it was 900 cal each. will have to start diminishing salty crackers supplies

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31 minutes ago, tulkawen said:

How do you light all 7 at the same time and set them in a circle? I can only hold 1 and light. That sounds fun. ^_^

When you are holding a lantern (lit or not) you can place it with right mouse button/ left controller trigger. I’m leaving Timberwolf Mountain now but I’ve left some lanterns to guide you back to the hut in the darkness. :)


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On 11/13/2018 at 6:16 PM, tulkawen said:

while I tried pressing my frozen butt to this heater.



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@Czhilli That screenshot is magical. :)


Day 59


- i am not going to transfer many things today. at the upper wolf landing there is a waterfall area i could explore

- i will bring some things down nonetheless, taking 25kg with me and the rest of the space will be for the finds

- the snowfall is heavy and it is fairly warm. i can't see the wolf, but i have reloaded my rifle in case i meet him, most likely will

- a deer is walking along the frozen river peacefully and bunnies are skipping around

- taking my time to walk along the cliff edge at first harvesting beards and mushrooms then advance to Eric's waterfall

- the riverbed has plenty of cattails, i end up with 17

- there is a cave behind the waterfall. it has a blue plastic container that's empty and a bedroll, another hatchet is by the burned out fire and one piece of coal, orange soda

- it's not a very big area, not seeing the wolf anywhere, keep going past the cave

- whao there! hit the breaks and reverse! a bear suddenly steps out of another cave ahead of me

- i don't want to mess with the bear, i'm going to return to the rope area

- no wolf, used the hacksaw to unlock both doors on the large grey container but didn't check what's inside, gathered 29kg and i don't want to carry more down the rope

- climbed to the lower cave, the other wolf is taking vacation as well, broke a green crate next the grey cargo container, sometimes green crates have food or accelerants

- hacksawed the cargo container too and didn't check content, the hacksaw is at 5% i'll keep using it until it simply breaks because i have lots of them

- stood outside my cave and crafted all the beards and mushrooms, got a timely sprain

- dropped the items into sorted piles

- since it's dark in the cave, used one of the lanterns found at the summit, the lantern ran out of fuel when i was done

- scrapped the lantern for metal, hoped for oil too but didn't get any

- i am getting low on water, the firewood is in my other cave

- drank two sodas and ate two cattails, topped with water and slept 11h

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Day 60


- coffee and climb past some toothy teeth

- two sprains have the decency to pop up when i'm at the higher level

- slept them off for 4h and woke up with the cabin fever risk. i protest! i haven't seen a cabin in two weeks! i've been living on top of a mountain!

- mumble grumble fine i'll grab my field dressing book and go through the cave picking up coal and firewood then i will build a fire on the other side

- this is a long cave, i've been here before past this guy who has a fir log, also brought my cedar logs

- the exit is on the secluded shelf, 52% fever risk, good there are no predators in the small area

- peeked off the edge of the cliff where the rope drop is, there is a bear below, i'll stay here thanks

- dropped enough firewood and coal to set water to boil, ate a chocolate bar and read 2h


Night 60


- going to bite off my crackers and sleep 2h because i have renewed fatigue

- great the wind blew out my fire during sleep. i couldn't have made snow shelter to be safer because i have carried my cloth to the lower cave and i only have 2 pieces left

- started another fire because cabin fever risk is a sticky substance, crafted and boiled four cups of mushroom tea and finished off my salty crackers

- let's try this again drop enough coal and firewood in to sleep 3h, fire has 3:44 left

- woke up to embers and some very bad weather

- rapidly dropping temperature, -23C yikes!

- cave? caaave? where are you? funny how it's difficult to find the entrance in a blizzard even though the landing is tiny and i know it's on this side of the mountain

- walked past it once, then backtracked and found it

- i'll take my time turning on the lantern and combing through this cave to take every piece of coal

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Day 61

- i have burned a lot of lantern fuel, came back to the other side with the blizzard still on

- ate and finished reading my field dressing book, hurray lvl 2 on skinning! still blizzard

- i have a fishing hook, 2 cloth and a fisherman sweater in need of repair, i guess that's on the due list

- picked up two mushrooms from the pile and crafted them

- slept until dusk. finally the blizzard is gonez

- i will go down the rope to the lower cave

- peeked down and saw a wolf taking down a rabbit near the rope area, i'll risk it, hopefully he'll be too busy stuffing his face

- came down, wolf eating, sneaking past, wolf eating, i think i gave him the sliii.... woof!

- bummer... he perks up his ears and then unhurriedly begins following me and growling

- whoops i am backing into the river by accident instead of towards the second rope... change direction which lets him get closer

- backed into the rope... you're too encumbered to climb! goodbye random inventory item in the form of a prybar! you may climb now

- at least the lower level wolf is on vacation

- have my salty crackers dinner and sleep


Night 61


- i don't have much to do so i'm going to travel, with my morning coffee of course. it is not far from morning and the visibility is decent

- the upper landing wolf is hanging around the river and heading this way. it's always tempting to run when he's near but if i do then i won't have the stamina to climb. so i walk to the rope and get up there

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Day 62


- mandatory sleep before doing anymore climbing. I am the Timberwolf Rambo Squirrel! Will drag away anything eye-catching!

- playing the waiting game, sitting on top of the cliff waiting for the wolf to go away

- he's going away too slowly, i'll just drop a bedroll right here on the cliff and snooze an hour, hope it's not too crazy since this heavy snow can turn into a blizzard

- aww he's still here my patience is nearing the end of the rope hardy har har

- ok he's by the river i'll just go for it, yep he turns and begins heading back once i'm downstairs. i wander if i make it off this mountain without shooting him or he'll get his fangs into my ankles after all

- i don't feel like climbing back up after unloading

- going to walk around this area. keep my gun close due to that patrol wolf

- i wander where they hide when they don't patrol. he doesn't seem to be around while i'm climbing every hill. or maybe he just knows something i don't like there will be a blizzard in five mins he's heading home while i'm heading out like a sucker

- found a rope down and also something which looks like a rocky path. i don't think we're suppose to go down there safely but if you're super desperate someone might attempt leap frogging. not me though

- got a wrist sprain, i will use the painkillers because i want to be able to wield the gun

- found three maple saplings, this plateau resemble the other, after making a big circle i came back to the river and gathered cattails

- the sun is scraping the horizon, heading back for the cave. i'll drop stuff off and then stand outside to craft

- three mins later... yikes! i knew it! ha! i am so lucky to come back to the cave before this blizzard started

- the fatigue is fairly advanced, i'll eat my crackers and sleep 11h

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Day 63


- most windy, starts off with -1C and gets to -10C by the time i reach the upper landing

- the wolves are up and about quite perky and nosing around

- slept off some fatigue intending to head back. wow! this is actually it! i am taking last pile off this plateau

- the wolf is sneaking along the river bank, curve around him and... bark! awz he's cutting me off from the exit. i am not going to climb the rope back up

- bang! 3/3 misses! i guess he figured out that i'm a lousy shot and jumps my bones

- what a persistent wolf! wacked him with a hatchet to get him off. blood loss, infection, wrist sprain, torn clothes, health slightly above 50% now

- well since he ran off and my injuries are treated i'll go check what he is hiding in that cargo container

- it's half medical and half food. the food has 7 pork and beans in decent shape and horrible horrible peaches at 8% about 7 cans too

- very nice, i'm still under 30kg after grabbing everything. the wolf is hanging around the river area, i can't tell if he's badly hurt or not but he's not coming my way... anywho... see ya

- careful checking for the other wolf... he's on the bank too fairly far away... i'll run if he goes after me... out of bullets anyway... still have my hatchet

- back at my cave... this isn't so grand... the wolf wanted my head literally... hat and earmuffs down from 90% to ten and sixteen, he's done a number on the pants too, mild jacket tears and he took about 30% out of my boots... that's a guard type of wolf for you

don't stick your elbows into his containers

- removed insulated boots and put on the ski ones

- of all the things i have, a sewing kit isn't one of them. i have one fishing hook for repairs

- mended until there's 11% on the hook, i'll keep it for fishing... doesn't feel so bad if fish breaks an old rod

- i'm out of herbal tea, i do have a lot in packs but no cups

- nom nom hard won pork and beans, drink summit soda and rest 11h


Day 64


- woke up at full health hah!

- let me reload my rifle before stepping onto my porch to organise a tea and coffee cooking session

- the moon is still out, tucked fire into the nook next to the cave to protect it from the wind, it is fairly cold, trying to avoid cabin fever by cooking outside

- i should probably take vital items and head down the mountain to grab a mending kit before something gets seriously damaged... but i don't want to leave without knowing if i got that wolf, maybe he kicked the bucket due to injuries

- ewww i accidentally brought peaches with me.... i'll take it back up and stuff it into that container

- gave the lower wolf as slip and climbed once the sun rose

- busted two green crates next to the cargo container, just reclaimed wood, nothing special in them

- woooolfy? wolfy? wolf? let me check the sky for the crows. i do see a new pack circling and locate him

- taking everything off. there is a small cave next to the waterfall, not the explore kind

- dropped hide and guts, and organised a fire to cook the meat and boil water

- it's getting late i hope i'll get good brownie points by staying outside

- all right i will chop up a large cedar limb to make the fire last the night; i should be ok without but it would be a silly way to die. fatigue is full red, i want to sleep 11h worriless

- a juicy chunk of wolf meat for dinner and rest


Day 65


- i have four chunks of cooked wolf meat. what happens is that when i pick up one i don't have stink lines, but when i pick up 3 chunks i get one stink line

- my stuff is too heavy to climb. all right this is your lucky day survivor have at free piece of wolf meat 800 cal

- anyway, this plus guts will make me smell delicious to the wolf below

- he is walking along the bank and i do want to climb down, so here i go

- snuck very much close to the hill line and he didn't notice me

- i do want to find a path down, taking mostly my regular walking stuff plus a few items. i'm going to take a snow path along the mountainside

- this looks familiar, there is a wolf and containers below, if i'm right there should be a rope

- i'm going to sneak up on that container first and hacksaw the doors open even if i don't take anything

- clang that's was my old 5% hacksaw breaking and it didn't open the door... a guy in the snow next to the containers has a hacksaw too... uh oh the patrol wolf is coming back... forget this... leave that hacksaw too because my weight with the broken one was a notch over 30kg

- taking the rope down... so.... i'm guessing if i go straight there should be a lake... also watch out for the bear, he was near this rope on my way up

- walking walking walking... this doesn't look anything like the lake... echo canyon? where in echo is that? hearing wolf howls... wolf ahead! ugh!

- is there any place i could hide if worse comes to worse? there is a small cave called chasm, empty, if something bad happens i can hide here

- i don't want to walk back... maybe i should sneak past the wolf... i do have a flare gun and a rifle

- squeezed by him while he patrolled away... i see two more cargo containers. ack guard wolfs are nasty

- it's a circular mountain enclosure with the exit i came from! wolf stands there now... wait... there is one other path... careful careful

- while following the new canyon spotted exploration cave... go in... dark... it's a good thing i have lots of storm lanterns

- a very long and bare corridor with multiple branches... not even coal or sticks on the floor... finally entered a circular area with a searched frozen guy... i've been here before... here are 3 coal pieces on the floor... going to take something for burning all this lantern fuel

- i remember these circular stone stairs along the wall... walk walk walk wait a minute! this is MY big pile of stuff! all of it

- i walked back in circle! whelp... the sun is half down... call it a day

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Day 66


- a beautiful morning of brown and orange lights the peaks




- since that path down didn't work out so well, i'm going to reach that rope that drops to a riverbed

- the engine is outlined by the yellow clouds while i search for that rope again. there was a broken tree with two pieces of moss hanging down, i didn't gather those intentionally to point the way

- ok i need to go around this big snow hill first... light snow begins falling

- scouting view below before climbing

ME: anybear home??

Bear: No

ME: sounds legit!

- mild fog and snowfall when i'm downstairs

- me noodle be thinking if the house is on the lake, the lake is connected to a river and if i follow this river... bearr!!! bear around the bend!

- back up back up... climb the bank... maybe i can sneak around this bear if i keep clinging to the mountain

- who turned off the light? everything is blue and blizzardy! there is a bear sneaking around this snowy curtain




- negative 22C am i freezing my butt off or... hello? any wolf wishing to invite me over to their house?

- here is a nice niche to start a fire in... if i had any fire starting materials... there is a fir limb conveniently inside the niche

- took a health hit while chopping the limb with hypoth risk increasing

- ahh nice and toasty the blizzard subsided but i still have the risk and my clothes are wet

- going to boil water and cook tea while waiting to warm up



- bark! eh? who's there? picked up the torch... something grey and unfriendly is definitely heading this way

- threw a torch at the wolf. he did not get scared. pulled out the rifle and shot. 4/4 misses... the wolf runs off




- i can make more tea... stuff still wet... it wouldn't hurt to climb this small hill in front of the cave to scout the area maybe i'll see which way to go then i can return to the fire to warm up

- wooff wooff!! as soon as i step outside. not you again... the wolf comes and sticks his head inside the niche... this time i hit him with a torch and he runs

- i have spotted a rope down nonetheless while scouting that's where i'll go to get away from him

- my clothes are dry ... picked up the torch and headed straight for the rope

- this is very cool, the torch dropped when i began climbing, and i saw it falling at the same time as i was going down

- it looks like it didn't get extinguished when it fell... i'm going to pick it up once i'm downstairs




... ... ...


No! Oh no you don't! Game crash? This sucks! Reloaded the game. I'm back at my cave at the start of the day. BOOO you! You've erased all my cool adventures!


Day 66 again


- I wander if I should venture out knowing about the incoming blizzard, then again, I bet the weather will be different this time around

- so the rope into bear's mouth and the mountain path. i'll take the path again

- there is a wolf hanging around the containers. he is far from the spot where the path advances to the rope drop, still keeping an eye on him

- this time i'll go the other way, the mild fog isn't helping, luckily the way isn't long when I run into ice

- that's the lake, i see the fishing cabin and a bear a moderate distance away to my left

- going to grab cattails from the very tip of the lake closest to the bear then collect mushrooms too and rosehips gradually getting away from him

- one birch and one maple sapling, very nice

-  holy! this fog is huge! can't see two feet ahead. can't see the fishing cabin anymore or that lake cabin




- the cabin is on the bank, the problem is the moose, if i walk past the cabin and go up the bank he'll trample me

- wait there were docks next to the cabin, so if I follow the ice edge I'll run into docks and go up the bank

- this ends up a useful idea and i reach the cabin

- crafted my collectibles and dropped items into cabinets

- going to eat half of my wolf steak and read the frozen angular on the table

- i can only drop it? have I fully researched it? that was a waste

- going to sleep and hope the fog lifts

- it does partially, enough for me to follow the same route back to the cave

- got two sprains on the long way uphill once past the containers wolf, not going to cure them because i'll sleep at the cave

- hmm can't do much with sprains and the sun is sort of touching the horizon

- i will end up waking at night but i should just eat and do 10h


Night 66


- grabbed a lantern and went through the cave, this cave is huge, the central spiral around the frozen guy is confusing, walked past another tunnel three times before seeing it

- finally an exit to the other side; slept an hour and stepped outside

- the sky is starry and light enough to travel, hearing wolves howl everywhere

- i think this cave is linked to the deer clearing and i have stuff at the deer clearing

- i've been to this open cave overarched by a mountain

- found a fallen deer and a rope leading up, might cook the deer on the way down

- climbed the rope and followed the cliff edge until finding another rope drop area. since i'm climbing up light i've taken a rope with me

- bark! nuts! he springs up behind the nearest snowdrift. creepy! all black and eyes glowing green!

- i'm a lousy enough shot as it is, there is also a puff of breath when i take aim so i can't see him at all in the mist, he's so close though that i just shoot, which is enough to scare him

- running in the opposite direction and eventually spotting a cave where i left so many awesome whetstones and rifle cleaning kits

- the saplings i had dropped are cured

- sleep 2h




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I've given the Interloper another shot. These short runs tend to interrupt and add spice to this very long voyager run I'm currently doing. It's nice to be reminded that when you're always freezing it's nice to have expedition parkas. :D

Game 7 Interloper, Pleasant Valley


Day 1


- Here I am! Crash landed next to some lovely waterfall which I don't have time to admire.

- As I run starkers along the frozen river, the biggest question I have is where are my pants? I was not piloting the airplane in my underwear. Unless I made a parachute out of my pants and then they got blown away by the wind, along with the jacket... my nice hat... a pair of sunglasses, Superman comic books... I miss my comic books. I wish I could fly like Superman so the hungry things wouldn't get me.

- Not seeing hungry things yet, but I do see something which resembles a house.

- I can't say the weather treats me shabbily, it's actually tropical with only -6C early evening

- it's a ruined barn in the forest; a frozen adventurer got nothing for me, neither does his backpack, however, I am starting a new tradition, there is a toolbox in the snow

- can't be too picky, grab and run, i'm seeing another shack and a wolf sharking around it, not worth getting my head chomped off

- running across the forest completely lost and hoping for the best; the sun scrapes the horizon, it's -12C now

- it seems Happy New Year is with me; stumbled by accident onto a wide road and a vast field to the left where I see a big house with a silo next to it, plus a barn

- i have a good feeling about this! hop hop hop over the snowdrifts! and hop inside!

- woohoo! +4C even if i'm wearing nothing! what a grand farmhouse! lucky me!

- fleece mittens in the lobby, a cup of herbal tea is set on the table in the dining room, the bathroom has wool socks and a sewing kit, a vest in the living room

- the kitchen is a treasure chest of its own: it has a can opener and a can of dog food tucked behind an empty fridge, salty crackers, a fire accelerant in a crate, two pots, plus a recycled can, four charcoal in the stove and a note from some adventurer

- once I warmed up, went out again to check a red car next to the farmhouse, can't open the trunk and the rest was empty

- a bear and three wolves hang out at moderate distance

- nothing next to the silo or in the barn

- a fire barrel is outside

- it's pitch dark once i go back in

- after much cursing and hours of stumbling blindly i find the bed


Night 1


- woke up at midnight fully rested and thirsty, why haven't i grabbed toilet water

- tried finding my way in pitch dark to the bathroom, failed but found a summit soda, perhaps not much but it tricked thirst for the time being

- bumped into curtains and ripped them apart hence nothing to do, the clothes require repair which can't be done at present

-  bump into door; how's the weather? ewww -30C plus the bear

- i'll waste time playing cards inside until i can see something


Day 2


- raided the second floor for an assortment of clothes: a t-shirt, wool scarf, sport socks and a brown hat

- two bathrooms, upstairs and downstairs, seems i've got something to drink, still no matches

- stepped out marvelling at how many entrances this farmhouse has and verandas, plus a well stocked cellar behind it

- more clothes are always welcome, a decent sweatshirt and a worn dress shirt

- a whetstone, one scrap of metal, quality tools and a heavy hammer make some fine finds

- all right, a fishing book! i can catch them fishes for my fish soup and use these water purification tablets

- twelve matches perched on the lower shelf... and... i almost miss it, it's tucked into a broken metal drawer vertically... bum bum bum magnifying glass!

- i think it was fairly clear, stepped out to check if i could use the glass, nope

- went back in and since its warm enough broke a green crate, i haven't noticed firewood at the farmhouse doorstep

- went out and discovered that it got even brighter, i can use the glass

- the bear is eyeballing me over the nearest snowdrift while i set two good pots for max 2L each to melt and then dropped 4 purification into them saving on firewood which i don't have much of at present

- it's -9C even crouching close enough to hug the fire barrel, hypoth subtly sneaking up and nibbling at my health, set 50ml more to boil, fire out with 5mins left, go ambers go! calm weather went in my favour, hurray another good day

- went inside to warm up and repaired blue hoodie, it's actually not much better than what i have

- dropped firewood and extra cans at the kitchen, dropped tools on the floor to get rid of weight and went out while the day is clear

- ran across the field taking the outer rim to dodge the bear and the pack of wolves, the sprint is plentiful due to carrying almost nothing

- closer to the river encountered a frozen adventurer that has a red scarf and one crow feather, the scarf is a bit better than my brown hat

- collected beards and crossed the river, found a cave with lots of bones uh oh

- harvested seven cattails along the river, there is a single birch sapling on the bank i can't take

- my health is really low and i'm freezing again, this is pretty dangerous

- made it back home when the moon began peeking out and hurried upstairs before it got too dark to see

- drank a cup of herbal tea to recover health better and ate a can of dog food

- slept 10h


Day 3

- well this is a bummer with all those bonuses i've recovered very little, woke up completely dehydrated too, i was a hundred percent hydrated before zzz, have i taken a hit due to thirst?

- i can hear mean wind outside; about half health this is so lousy, i'm not swimming in food here, ate one more cattail with a sigh

- repaired my mittens and scarf sighing at a few fails and went out maybe it's not as mean as it sounds

- ewww if you're in a hurry to catch your death that's a perfect time to go out

- repaired my boots, luckily at once since i only had one piece of leather, repaired my vest too, nothing is in yellow anymore hurray

- oh a blue box i missed, empty

- nominated a closet by the front door for clothes, i have three items to put inside

- fridge for food, but there is only water in it, at least i have 6L

- arranged all fuel books on the shelves next to the stove, i have three cans and two pots

- went upstairs and nominated a closet in my bedroom for all other misc items, dropped quality tools and simple tools in there, along with the feather and metal scrap, plus the fishing book

- hunger isn't a friend, forced to step out, no more blizzard just moderate snow in grey light and obviously freezing

- ate a cattail for the road and off i sprint in the same direction to the river

- here is that teddy bear whose cave i've seen yesterday, crouched low and grabbed more cattails growing along the bank, i have 14 now

- followed the river to a waterfall and looked around, some empty cave where it's +1 and an empty dead guy, warmed up just a bit

- sprinted back to the farmstead oiii is my health no good, on the way passed a barn which i've visited before

- since there is some time before dark went to the basement and broke a crate for six reclaimed wood

- hey a green box on the porch i haven't seen before, empty

- went to the bedroom and ate a couple of cattails before reading for two hours

- munched on the salty crackers, the only remaining food, cattails aside and slept for 8h


Night 3


- woke with the thirst bar still in white, which means i could have slept longer, nom more tails and zzz 2h

- crafted beard and made four bandages since i had none

- tried resting another hour


Day 4


- began reading an hour and got interrupted due to hunger, you're kding i had 100 calories

- how's weather? -36!! aaggh! even a bear would freeze! repaired my vest and peeked out again -19C ugh still bad but i need dinner

- back to my river but this time along the other side of the road running around the farm field... hmm.. is that the same bear or another one?

- oh this is just terrible dropped back to -35 as i reach the river and gather noms

- snowfalls gets heavier and heavier as i head back

- rush before i become popsicle and get into basement to break another green crate in vain hope for goodies, none of course

-  i have to keep eating to prevent more health hits, this is not good

- ate cattails and set sleep at 9h


Night 4


- it seems 9h is the max safe for water because i wake close to thirst

- health lingers lazily at half, ended up playing cards, everything takes calories i badly don't have


Day 5

- son of a murdersome weather, blizzard and -47C? that's unholy!

- played cards, ate last cattail and slept 2h then played cards more

- the health is hunger melting, ugh -17 and heavy snowfall but at least there is some visibility

- no sense in staying here, since i've been to that river i'll be going into a different direction

- i don't see any wolves anywhere, i wander if they kicked the bucket due to this weather

- sprinting who knows where leads me to some kind of a cave and mushrooms growing at its entrance, nope not going near it, this looks like another bear hole

- there are rosehips next to a rope, gathered them and climbed

- followed along the cliff edge eventually spotting a radio tower and hurried to it

- reached a fenced territory called the signal hill with rosehips at the entrance, there is a hole in the fence leading to a house

- this appears to be some kind of communication center with lots of computers, two locked but four lockers i can open

- found sardines and peaches on a low shelf. i'm saved! also two boxes of salty crackers and chips

- combat pants are under the double bunk bed, excellent! along with the driving gloves, wool socks (almost typed wolf socks) and ragged work boots

- i do have some water but not too much firewood, will have to content with that for the night

- oh yes! 12 more matches! who has 24 now? accelerant, firewood, one bandage and two cloth, 3 reclaimed wood, scrap of metal

- a flare, one sewing kit and another box of quality tools, lantern oil if only I had a lantern

- nom sardines and peaches and sleep well


Day 6


- like always lucky me if i'm at half health

- repaired the combat pants

- around minus twenty, but it's clear and i have hopes for warmer weather since it's early morning

- the hills and forest mix, along with the boulders is fairly similar, a wolf silhouette passes in the mild fog closer to the mountain range

- away from there, reached a boulder where glimmers a cave entrance, backpack and a box of salt crackers

- its very dark and fairly warm, if i build a fire the temp might climb over zero

- i almost have no water, set it to boil and grabbed a torch to check the rest of the cave. there are no other goodies, it is warm indeed

- stumbled over some protrusion and hit the fire... aggghhh!!! ow!!! that burns!!

- i have a bandage but i don't have enough water for rosehips tea, must wait for water to boil then for the tea to boil while taking damage

- red line over health, i hope that's not permanent as it's deep

- finally got my curing tea... phew...

- since i'm under the warmth effect and the ailment is cured, went out to collect mushrooms

- there are four stumps filled with them and a deer with a frozen adventurer next to it, found six crow feathers

- spotted the hunters blind and frozen adventurer, empty, hurried back to the cave because the effect expired

- the fire will be out soon, boiled a cup of coffee and a cup of mushroom tea

- almost crying about my health, how uselessly i've ruined it, everything was fine if you consider living with thirty percent daily is fine, it's almost scraping into red now

- i have to run back to the signal hill and try to recover, gulped down a cup of coffee for warmth before running

- another bear and he's heading for the same narrow road that leads to the radio tower

- the bear makes a very annoyed sound, i don't check if he's trying to catch me and run for it

- flew inside and slept as much as this survivor was able to

- my stomach doesn't much care that my health hardly recovered, out to hunt food i go

- gave some wolf a slip and eventually reached the mountainside with another empty cave, at least there are mushrooms growing on the stumps around it

- ate crackers upon return and crafted all mushroom stacks

- ate the last pack of crackers and slept


Day 7


- i'll be taking this cedar log for the farmhouse fire barrel

- the absence of food sure makes one inclined travelling to the new places

- the bear is hanging around with his buddy wolf, curved around them taking left and heading for the mountains in case of more caves and noms

- there is in fact a new one with a frozen adventurer at the platform, it's a notch tricky climbing to the elevation

- leave the valley? i suppose i should... too big and too much cold exposure

- semi-dark but enough visibility to move without a light source, it's warm to take my time and collect twigs

- a lonely plank leads to a set of wooden stairs and a campsite with a backpack, not that i gain much aside from firewood

- another frozen adventurer who must have fallen through a hole, a fir log near

- light glimmers, an exit to a winding river, river means two cattails and run back inside because cold

- maybe i should explore this tunnel more, backtracked and checked the missed tunnel turns, they are dead ends, one has coal, since the health is so bad ate both cattails during the track

- returned to the winding river, followed the stream to a dead end and few more cattails

- on the way back stepped inside the warm tunnel again and started a fire, boiled water along with two cups of coffee and five reishi teas

- drank coffee and tea, grabbed a torch before leaving

- hurrying another way along the stream sometimes grabbing harvestables and sometimes not

- another dead end but there is a path leading uphill and to another section of the frozen river

- crossed and climbed to another bank, the path upwards leads to a great cave, beans and another pack of matches, wow this is a great find

- the cave is +1 but i'm getting tired so i can't wait hours to warm up slowly, great the tea is still hot, drank another cup

- following the ledge above the river, a deer and another adventurer that offers one cedar log, can't be picky, i have no hatchet, thus finding long lasting fuel is good

- the path ends and the slope leads to the ice

- wwwwoooowwww!!! that's a BIG hydro dam! can't admire too long, a wolf is hanging around the ice

- sprinted to the big wall while he turned his back... um knock knock? anyone there? where is the entrance? my tea effect is out, freezing my butt off here again

- when the wolf walked back, crouched and hid behind the mountainside protrusion, i think there is another path on the opposite bank

- inch and crouch slowly once he turns his back again, my back scraping along the boulders

- inch inch inch sprint he doesn't see me run up the path

- i do believe that metal fence surrounds the upper part of the dam, fascinating, can i get inside?

- nooo! not this! world don't go blurry! ugh!

- i think i can inch along this ledge, hope i don't fall off due to this blurry vision

- a snowdrift covered door and flat wall; can't click on the door; is there no entry?

- another ledge along the wall? maybe i should go there?

- one step and darkness. you have fallen

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Day 67


- nice, all this stuff is within 30kg limit. i can take it all

- the wolf is nearby munching on a deer, gave them a wide berth and headed for the rope nearer to me, not the one i dropped, the deer downstairs is closer to it anyway

- wanted to start a fire right by the deer and cook it but turns out i don't have a single stick

- found a broken arrow and crow feathers too

- picked up everything and began walking. of course all sticks hide from me instantly until i reach a cave entrance which has coal and sticks and such

- this is my old stash, it has a bedroll and mittens and a knife; i've been running around with a hatchet only

- cooked the deer, went outside to scout the area while the water boiled and spotted a pack of crows

- the crows were around another deer. it's only 30mins with a knife for the hide and 10 per gut

- came back to the cave with another deer while the fire was still burning

- crafted mushrooms while waiting for meat, the fatigue is high, i should stay the night

- chopped a fir limb outside for 4 logs, that's good

- came back to the cave to sharpen the knife and my hatchet that's when the weather really spoiled and turned into a blizzard

- ate a juicy chunk of deer meat 920 cal and slept 5h while the fire went on

- woke to the sound of a blizzard, it might get cold in the cave if the fire goes out and my fatigue bar is still half way

- dropped 2 coal into the fire since i'm out of wood and had a very nice and toasty sleep until morning


Day 68


-  i'm going to leave the guts at the cave to cure. the meat is making me stinky enough

- it is windy today -3C since i'm trying to find a way i'm not going to harvest while i'm travelling because i don't want to freeze

- entered a birch forest and saw a wolf travelling parallel to me

- went around the hill to put it between me and the wolf and saw a bear

- both wolf and bear are travelling in the same direction. i'm between them and they're narrowing the angle somewhat

- sprinted to get out of this triangle before either saw me or smelled me

- yesss! here's the lake! of course i'll get two sprains going downhill to this lake

- 4h to sleep off he injuries. it is past noon and snowing but i can take the risk travelling

- there is a wolf taking a stroll on the other side of the lake. he is also inconveniently between me and the rope

- i go around him towards the point where the frozen river connects to the lake and consider following the river when the wolf sprints into the middle of the lake to take down a deer, this clears my way to the nearer rope

- i do miss the rope and end up at the edge of a cliff, then backtrack along the wall and find it

- reached the cave when the sun began setting, finished repairing the fisherman sweater. it really is the best. now i'm wearing two of these and two parkas. it is helpful. the mountain is cold

- finished off my last piece of wolf meat and bit a chunk off deer meat then slept


Day 69

- it's still dark and snowing when i set downhill to carry more stuff to the hut

- made it without meeting any predators, on the way back sprained an ankle

- slept it off at the cave and picked up one of the fuller lanterns. i want to return to that spot near the echo canyon where i saw cargo containers

- snuck around the guard wolf and began sawing off the doors. six fire accelerants, lots of matches and a billion sweaters

- the wolf is uncomfortably close. went back to the cave to drop off the weight and headed back to attempt ninjaing the other container

- that worked out badly. the wolf was too close to this container to sneak past it. i didn't even get a chance to fire the rifle when he leapt onto my back

- gave me some bruising and a sprain and clothes damage

- when he ran i fixed the sprain on the spot and unlocked the container. chocolate bars and salty crackers inside. then broke a green crate next to the container but it only gave me wood

- the wolf is limping around when i leaft the area and checked what he's done

- son of a wolf destroyed the hat and insulated boots.... both of these are replaceable. a set of yellow earmuffs is NOT

- tore up a bunch of sweaters gotten from that container and began repairing. the snow pants are down to 15%

- it's a good thing i stopped by the fishing hut and picked up a hook for sewing

- the gloves need repair. the parka needs repair

- ate two candy bars and slept


Day 70

- all right where is that tooth paste flea bag. i want his hide in exchange for my earmuffs. very bitter about those.

- he's missing! i circled around the entire area several times and then checked both roads. not there

- the sky is empty of crows as well. i can't even eat him or take his stuff after he grabbed an important item from me! grrr....

- the wind is getting bad it looks like a blizzard is brewing. the sun is already at noon point... booo... gave up on looking for him. i'm sure he died since he was badly hurt after chewing me up

- back at the cave counted my gains and losses and carried the entire pile through the cave system to my current spot

- picked up one of the maple hats from the summit. it's at 14%. repaired it to substitute for my lost one

- put on my ski boots again since i was walking around in my socks... i'll remember that wolf with a grudge... my earmuffs harvested into a miserable piece of cloth

- eat a small leftover deer piece and a candy bar before sleeping

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Day 71


- more stuff to drag down the mountain.... at the ledge had to stop and wait while the new patrol wolf that appeared around the lake went away

- he has a wide sweep, an odd pattern sometimes he only walks back and forth in front of the rope

- i've had enough of the wolf clothes shredders for a while... gave him the slip and reached the cabin


- found a whetstone right on top of the stone fence that's in front of the house. it's grey and tricky against the grey stones, still how did i miss that

- i have so much stuff. the floor storage compartment is huge for 40kg. it's 30kg full and i have a lot of stuff left

- wanted to return to the cave but both the wolf and the bear are patrolling my route to the rope

- got a sprain sneaking around the lake circumference and seeking a path in between them

- slept off the sprain, the way is clear, i still have daylight left

- no water. i'm going to start a fire at the cave entrance

- picked up a cup of reishi tea but didn't drink it, i'll keep an eye on how the health is dropping. taking hacksaw

- removed the earmuffs. apparently a wolf can tear them from 80% to zero, stinker

- the snow is painted lime and the sky glows amber in majesty... heading to that container on my level. i'm curious what's inside

- the wolf is on vacation but vigilance since he can hide behind any hill. if i flew an airplane this way don't see why can't he drop in from the sky

- i had already opened these containers, wasn't sure, but never checked what's inside

- 3 mariner coats. these are 75% waterproof which is super but very heavy and not likely as warm as parka. need to unfreeze first. four mittens at 43 taking them for cloth right away

- WOOHOO!!! one pair of earmuffs! I am SO lucky!! yay yay yay!!! happy tap dance

- the other compartment is filled with 41% crackers and decent candy bars. left them all in the 'fridge'

- while i was gone the can water boiled out but the pot one is still ok. drank and began cooking teas and coffees

- repaired earmuffs once they unfroze, they were 100% frozen, and hid both pairs in the cave

- failed on long jones repair

- i want to repair one mariner's coat but this curiosity will cost minimum 6 cloth. idk 2kg vs 1.5 parka and not as warm

- i can repair the bedroll without a sewing kit. grand!

- a very juicy chunk of deer meat and sleep 8h




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Day 72


- the morning is grey, snowy and fairly late when i wake up after boiling water for half of the night

- both guts are cured. i want to take them along with all these hides to the crystal lake cabin for crafting some fishing rods.

- i don't need fish right now but i want to use them for sewing instead of the kit

- there is a blind hill before the lake bank. eternal risk of running into a wolf or a bear behind it

- woof! woof! speaking of pests... mildly risked making a leap off the boulders... he's sprinting at me from my left

- used sprint as much as possible then turned and pulled out the rifle walking backwards

- he's in a bad bad mood... slowed to a walking speed but keeps making these jerks like he's about to sprint and keeps growling. did the bear steal his deer?




- he follows me all the way to the doorstep and i slam the door in his face

- at the hut i craft four lines and 3 fishing rods

- the saplings and deer hides i had on the floor are cured

- opened the door and peeked out. the wolf is still on my bank walking away very much unwillingly and gives me a stink eye

- oh great there are two of them now on my lake. booo...

- closed the door and crafted 3 arrow shafts from a birch sapling. then made 1 arrow since i have the tip from the broken one

- the floor hatch is filled to the brim 40kg

- tore up an old vest for cloth and repaired undies



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Just as an aside... check out the armor rating of the mariner's pea coat vs. the expedition parka. You may want to consider pea coat on the outside slot (where the armor matters when in wildlife struggles) and keep the parka on the inside slot (where it will be safe from a wolf's depredations). Yes, the armor rating is only slightly higher, but that will result in slightly less condition damage, and the cost per unit of damage to your temperature modifier will be significantly lower than if the parka is what's taking the brunt of the struggle.

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@stratvox I think in the mariner's coat I am seduced the most by waterproof. I haven't thought about the armour. I really like how in this game the top level gear has choices in favour of one balance or another. :)

Day 73


- i am going to visit the submarine in pleasant valley. i don't remember what i left but it will probably spoil

- i don't know what to do with so many hammers. they're good for breaking furniture and forging, neither of which exists at timberwolf

- since they take up space, i will grab 4 and take them down the mountain

- picking the tricky line between the lake wolf and a moose. i am spotting the trees which have their bark rubbed off, the moose must be around

- on the way found a bunch of cattails at the edge of the lake and grabbed them

- picked up a couple of sticks too since i'm at 28kg

- down the rope i go. maybe i'll spend the day at the submarine

- walked around the ruined hut which has a stove. turns out there are 2 cedar logs at the toilet hut next to it. dropped my sticks at the stove too. organised space around it

- found one birch sapling

- straightened the pots on top, then placed cans and coal into a green box next to the stove

- the submarine has no food. i did leave clothes. also two books to be researched.

- i have no water. unpleasant weather. i'll boil lots of water then

- it's been a while since i failed at starting fire. i'll use a fuel book for 100% since the stove doesn't want to play nice

- while the water boiled tore up a pile of shoes and clothes then repaired my undies

- since it's getting dark grabbed a torch and went submarine

- accidentally drank a cup of coffee then ate two cattails before sleep


Day 74


- that sounds real nasty outside. it is.

- repaired my parka and got a sewing better

- ate more cattails and finished reading the hunting book. i'll drop it later as fuel book at that green box by the stove. left 1 accelerant there as well

- left about 25 cattails, 4 cups of reishi tea and 4L of water at the submarine as a stash. i think this stuff doesn't spoil

- no more blizzard though the wind is nasty. going to climb back to timberwolf. taking the book with me for reading. it's a big one 10h

- found more cattails on the way back. i don't feel like climbing anything else

- i'll just walk around my hut and check what's behind it

- giant mountain and a long hill that's what behind it... spotted saplings on the hill beside but i don't feel like climbing that too

- made some kind of very long track around a big big hill behind the hut. also unproductive. there aren't even mushrooms growing there

- got a sprain on the way back. at least they pop up when the hut is in sight

- dropped my 12 sticks loot by the fireplace

- maybe i can free the floor space by tearing up clothes. taking away 6kg worth of hammers was also helpful

- ended up with about 30kg space occupied

- dusty dog food for dinner and a can. that will do. nap 11h

Day 75


- it's a good thing i have a book. the fog is thick.

- 3h later the fog lifts and the wolf takes down the deer for lunch letting me sneak around him on the way to the cave

- chopped up two cedar limbs and tore up branches

- want to check where the bear is if you're looking down from the cliff at the frozen river

- he's not exactly at the rope. i see him not far from the ridge. maybe i'm standing on top of his cave

- i loaded 3 shots into my rifle. if i wait long enough maybe i can take a shot at him from the cliff

- not today though. it's getting late and the bear is walking away. he's too far

- came back tired with enough firewood, ate pork and beans, and slept 12h


Day 76


- went back to the cliff to check how the bear is doing. can't see much due to fog

- played cards for 3h and saw him somewhat far off

- built a fire at the cave entrance and boiled a lot of water

- finished reading the sewing primer. i wish i had a lot more books

- ate pork and beans and slept


Day 77


- i want to check what's hidden inside two large cargo containers at the bottom of the snow path

- the wolf wasn't there for which i am grateful

- soooo this is where all the sewing kits were hiding

- 4 summit sodas and a lot of water

- here is the hacksaw at 0% which i dropped. it can be harvested for 2 metal funzie

- another container has condensed milk and tomato soup. left the milk because it's at 67% but grabbed 7 soups at 34% this needs to be eaten soon

- clothes in the last compartment. i'm glad i didn't repair mariners coat. there is one at 80% and my parka is better in term of warmth and weight, while mariner's is well waterproof

- left most of the clothes in the container. only want the ones in poor condition

- i'm still carrying too much weight. harvested one of the jackets for cloth to make the load right

- so.... where are the wolves? both are at the lake... one of them is eating another deer at the riverbed

- two tomato soups for dinner and sleep

Day 78


- i might go back to the cave and recover the guts, hopefully they are dry

- set out at moderate snowfall and wind. soon spotted a bear. of course the bear wants to go the same way i am going

- there is a wolf far in the distance. i believe that birch forest may have containers too

- maybe i should check the area behind the hut but further down

- ended up walking a circle and running into those two maple saplings i haven't collected earlier

- a wolf suddenly appears not that far off and chases down a rabbit. i'll have to be careful he wasn't there the last time

- i am not liking this weather at all. a storm is brewing i can sense it

- since i went a circle i begin heading for the cabin and blizzard really does set in

- sprinted the last few meters to the cabin and got a sprain. oh well i can sleep it off during the storm

- it got better when i woke up 4h later past afternoon. the wolves aren't hanging around the lake

- crossed the lake and harvested many cattails. followed the beginning of the river too for food

- came back to the cabin and crafted harvestables for the rest of the evening

- drank 3 summit sodas before they spoil and slept


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Day 79


- i don't trust this weather snow and wind

- that area where i left the guts has many predators and i want good conditions when i travel

- drank the last soda and read 2h

- yep i was right not to trust the forecast. blizzard

- spent an entire day eating tomato soups and reading. finished off the 10h book


Day 80


- snowy morning. i'll take it. i don't want the guts to ruin

- the bear once more is heading towards the containers area

- discovered an airplane wing. used hacksaw on one container. it has medicine and lantern oil along with flares

- the second container must have had food which got spoiled. there is one can of pork and beans at 28% in one door. and 4 sodas in the second door. i'll take them all

- tried returning to the second container but the bear is way too close now

- decided to give the area a wide sweep... there is a wolf hanging around far enough

- four birch saplings and one maple, after a while noticed the bear walking away and pulled everything out of the container

- the loot is slightly under 30kg which is great, got a wrist sprain anyway

- i still need to get back to that cave where i left the guts

- the weather became good i could make it back to the cabin but i'll stay the night at the cave

- since it's clear used magnifying glass to boil 2L of water

- this spot is already harvested. satisfied with making a small stash of sticks for the night. there is also 1 piece of coal for emergency, got an ankle sprain too

- i'll eat these pork and beans. the container had 18 anti poison pills just in case. so i'm all good and i need to sleep 10h anyway

- yeah i'm ok sleep


Day 81


- that wind is out to murder a bear or two. played cards until past afternoon

- still snowing. i don't have much to do. i'm leaving

- since i've eaten the food last night the backpack after picking up my stash including the 2nd bedroll is a bit under 29kg... picked up one stick along the way and dropped it because that went over 30kg

- followed along the mountain past the containers and found a forest cave with mushrooms around it and more maple

- maybe i should stay at the cave... i thought shallow caves counted outdoor but my indoor count went up

- while gathering made a wide circle around the birch forest and ended up on the other side

- the forest has good visibility.... two wolves and a bear are hanging around

- that bear is a busy buddy he tends to travel at a distance from me when i'm around this area. it's like you're going to the containers? i'm with you. going back? i'll just follow. maybe he wants to play cards with me... i should try knocking on his cave one day and inviting once i get lonely enough

- meh that cave since i got past the predators i'll just keep going to the crystal lake cabin especially since the snow stopped... if that sleep counted as outside i'd have cave stayed

- the mountains turn pale green-blue shade

- got another sprain close to the cabin. a wolf is going in the opposite direction on the other bank

- kept limping and then turned to scout.. er... is that wolf following me now at a distance? he seems curious

- the cabin isn't far now

- set up the fire on the doorstep. it's all nice and cozy. the lake ice is pink gradually deepening into dark purple

- one thing Timberwolf doesn't lack are the picturesque views. Up here you're closer to the stars. The sky is like a roof, right on top of you.

- repaired stinky socks under the stars (how romantic) and crafted while the water boiled. heated tomato soup and made tea before sleep


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Day 82


- house maintenance. the floor is 40kg full again, so is the medkit and the table drawer

- repaired an extra pair of earmuffs found at the condensed milk container

- this fog is boo worthy waited 2h

- the wolf is busy stuffing his face with a deer oh good

- this rope is too well hidden. i know where it is and keep walking past it every single time

- the clouds are an interesting green hue

- goofed around by setting the glowing lanterns to float over a stump as taught by @Czhilli

- pork and beans for dinner


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Day 83


- i haven't fully explored the echo canyon. it is a curiosity

- picked up two lanterns because the cave is so very long and off i went

- i need to sneak past the containers wolf to get into the other echo canyon passage. this wolf better mind his manners. i have a grudge and three bullets

- the chasm cave has two more crow feathers. how did they get inside the cave. this frozen guy has a laptop. hey let me recharge the battery, i want to play the long dark

- keep going until the area broadens... cave ahead and two mushroom stumps on each side... two hefty bone piles in the cave... i was just kding about knocking on the bear door... i'll be going

- there is a path up behind the cave hopefully bearless. hurray i got to the top.

- east echo peak? pfff one cedar log and one fir log that's my epic loot for climbing so high up

- ummm... cliff cliff cliff.... erm how did i get up here? i can't find a path down... crouch and follow a very steep snow slope... i don't think i'm suppose to go this way... careful

- i'm in a narrow passage. no climb cliffs all around me. looking up reveals a tree bridge. isn't that the bridge you cross where i had those guts

- ouch this looks painful a frozen guy fell off the mountain. he has a scarf and undies, jerky in the backpack and a hatchet. very nice

- two logs in a wind shielded niche... wouldn't be my first choice to spend the night but i'd take it as shelter in a blizzard

- that's the end so go back the way i came. stomped back to an intersection. i think that way is to the bear. turn the other way

- oh a broken tree standing up like an arch... i bet it points to something good

- i'm climbing steeps paths all day. west echo peak? the view is rather nice

- this one is a bit richer. a frozen guy has a candy bar for me and there is one bullet and one flare shell in his pockets

- grabbing rosehips before heading back. at least this path is easier to find. walk walk walk hi chasm cave

- i can't carry 30kg anymore but the fatigue is still manageable

- had to make an entire circle around the area to get past the wolf

- once at the cave entrance tore up the scarf and undies and crafted

- the moon is out. i'd prefer to sleep when it's fully up or you wake too early and then it sucks because it's too dark to do stuff

- lit the lantern and followed the cave system to the side where my loot is. safer this way too because i've taken very little water with me

- hi i'm back. eat pork and beans. have 12h nap


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Day 84


- the salty crackers in the cave container are in worse condition than the ones i got from the summit

- went to that container and picked them all up along with one choc bar since it spoils fast

- ski jacket and maple hat left in this container still

- went back to the cave to sort out a huge clothes pile: i'll repair fisherman sweater as emergency extra. will keep balaclava and red undies for the same purpose. then two expedition parkas and snow pants. going to take this pile to the lake cabin tomorrow

- tore up shoes and all clothes which are in yellow state

- my last can of pork and beans. will start on other food tomorrow


Day 85


- wanted to stop by the containers at the bottom of the snow path but there is a wolf and he chased me to the rope

- stopped on the ledge and waited and climbed back up. he didn't leave and he's really close hanging around the rope meh him

- climbed down to the lake where i got chased by another wolf

- had to run around the entire lake to give him a slip. when sprint ran out turned and pulled out the gun walking backwards. when i got sprint ran again. the wolf during the second sprint got distracted by bunnies. good old fluffsters saving my bacon again

- got to tearing the clothes at the cabin too. it frees the space a lot

- refuelled one of the lanterns to the brim and sharpened my hatchet to 99%

- drank two summit sodas and bit a chunk off mre then slept


Day 86


- i want condensed milk from that container

- the lake wolf is eating another bunny and ignoring me. good for him

- i have a million cans. made a big arrow out of them pointing to the rope because i keep walking past it

- the wolf is away. the adventurer next to the containers has more feathers

- i'm going to have to try to remember that this container has can openers and many sewing kits although i've taken all food from it. it also has 3.5L of water left

- grabbed four pairs of mittens as well and a vest. the container also has a few more clothing items left

- spotted a niche nearby. soooo that's where i was hiding from the blizzard when my game crashed. the wolf kept coming to the niche because it's right next to the containers he guards

- back to the cabin to craft and tear more junk

- drink my last soda and eat condensed milk. i want an expedition tomorrow


Day 87


- not the friendliest weather, not the worst, enough to eat all my condensed milk till my stomach is full and head on

- picked up two cattails on the way

- what in blazes happened to my hatchet??? it was 99% why is it 89% wait a minute have i been using my hatchet for stinken can opening??? are you joking? i can use my hands without losing calories! and i have like ten can openers. i stopped carrying the openers due to weight even since i got skilled up. are you telling me i've been busting my hatchets on this poop? why am i not given a choice what to use??

- gurr and climb down the rope to the submarine

- one of the submarine lockers has a whetstone. used it to sharpen my hatchet and then slept 1h to wait for my clothes to dry

- it is so windy and snowy... this weather says don't travel in me. i will anyway. this transition spot between the mountain and valley is highly quarrelsome. blizzard 70% of the day and night

- i believe i came from the right when i got here, so i'm going left. maple sapling here

- snow hill snow hill a very steep hill down to a river. that's what i'll follow

- slow going. i keep pressing to the steep canyon walls but i get no windbreak. the wind must be hitting me right in the face

- eventually reached a charming area called misty falls and a picnic area next to it

- this was worth it! a box of ammo. two sodas in good condition in a backpack. many many mushrooms all around

- a cave to explore. epic! i love caves!

- a green box. sardines, choc bar. a bedroll next to it. i am thinking... i want to check this spot on Loper. this cave looks good to hide a bedroll in. area hard to get to and a cave

- plenty of coal of course and logs too

- found an 89% hatchet very very decent. a sweater 4% perfect ninja time. i can save it for cloth, a bit of lantern oil appreciated since i have burned up a lot of it

- matches, firestriker and advanced guns book. 25h worth of reading nice!

- blizzard outside. tore up those extra clothes and began reading. got thirst interrupt after 2h. drank more and got another hour before darkness

- a chance to get poisoned by 20% sardines. nope. still alive. sleep

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