Fire materials and secret areas


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With the range of fuels available in the long dark, I was surprised to find that none of the houses stocked anything beyond basic tinder and wood.

My suggestion is for the implementation of non-transportable high burn time coal. Coal will be burnt in 1kg quantities for a burn time of 3 hours. Only 10 kg would be found scattered across the Coastal Highway and only 4kg across the Mystery lake region. In addition to this, rare paraffin firelighters could be found which burn like tinder plugs, but as fast as when used with accelerant (so you can save accelerant or use it in an emergency).

I would also like to see secret areas, like "the nature photographer's dark room" in the cellar of the house on jackrabbit island.

Another place would be "the recluse's hideout", a tiny woodworking workshop on the misanthrope's island (filled with scrap metal, tinder and timber).

Another hidden area would be "the astronomers outlook", accessible only by forcing open (with a prybar) a door hidden behind a cabinet in the upstairs bedroom, leading to a room where you can collect a telescope (useful for watching wolves from afar, and looking for paths) and map of the area (rare spawn) along with assortment of snacks.

Anyhow, let me know what you think.

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