Is a revamp of the combat mechanics going to happen?


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I am on day 121 now. I have searched every cabin and location there is to find. I found the rifle late in the game this time, so I have fired no bullets in those 121 days and I have 12 rounds of ammo for it. I think I will save it for when I get desperate.

Lately, I have been watching the wolves more than they are watching me. Waiting for them to take down prey so that I can scavenge the leftovers. Usually this yields a few pounds of meat and a couple guts that can be turned into snares.

I have on more than one occasion however let a wolf attack me so that I can scavenge its entire kill and it too. I have 72 cloths, enough to make a lot of bandages and a lot of antiseptic. I leave the rifle at home so as to make sure I get attacked.

Just thinking that this is not a viable strategy in real life. Maybe a wolf attack need be so dire that it is avoided at all costs. Right now, I lose maybe 20% health and have to wrap a bandage on. Combat mechanics need a revamp as a result as wold attacks are a great way to get meat right now.


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