Surprising new challenge :)

John Dow

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Hi survival pals,

I decided to test out the new version and gathered all stuff from the fixed locations at the grand lake.

I got tons of clothes, food, medicine, 3 rifles, more than 30 ammo, 6 prybars, etc etc...

I now wanted to see how far to go, and what would kill me finally...

Keeping my clothes and stuff in condition, while melting water and occasional hunting to spare my supplies went fine so far.

Now I'm on day 175 or something and I noticed a new challenge !

My life is threatened now by rotting matches !! From all my matches I found, only some woodmatches with less than 10% condition remain !

I haven't found the magnifying lense or the lighter so far, so the challenge is set ! I will hunt for the bunker in the hope to find the magnifying glass there, oh oh...

I made a considerable supply of water, so far, but my food this way can not last long enough. Even the water will run out fast that way :))

If there is no magnifying glass at the bunker, or no lighter, I will be lost...

I will make as much water as I can do now, before hunting for the bunker... Just in case I will have to survive on raw meat...

I love this new challenge and the turning on things...

Thanks Hinterland, lol <3

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