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I'd like to see no invisible walls, they really bug me. I wouldn't mind large ravines as boundaries and such, maybe fast rivers?

Will there be fall damage. Imagine slipping on a snowy slope and rolling/skidding to/down a larger snowy slope and not being able to climb back up. Would make you colder (snow in clothing) and maybe drop items halfway up the slope during the fall!

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  • Hinterland

Hello! Thanks for your thoughts.

We're working very hard to avoid any kind of invisible walls in the game. If there's an area players can't access or pass, our in-house rule us to make it obvious that this is the case, crafting the terrain and art in such a way that you won't waste time or risk your life trying to go somewhere that's obviously impassable.

Since we have a naturalistic environment, we have a lot of tools to make this work -- including things you mentioned (ravines, rivers, cliffs, etc.).

Currently you can traverse fairly steep inclines. However, the steeper the incline, the greater the chance you'll injure yourself (with a sprain or break, or worse) when going up or coming down. With the reduced mobility that comes from a sprain, or break, it could very well be the death of you if you get stuck outside in a bad situation and are unable to get to shelter.

We hadn't really considered dropping gear items upon falling, but that's a cool idea!

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