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I've been thinking for a while now that something needs to be added to get the grey matter more fired up. Yes you have to think ahead and plan how you are going to survive, and what you should take with you, but I feel that the problem solving aspect is limited. Therefore, I feel that some simple physics puzzles need to be introduced.

For example, let's say that a large log is blocking the pathway across the ravine.

To move it, you have to find a large counterweight (perhaps a precariously perched derailed train car), rope, and a pulley to pull the log aside.

Another puzzle could involve lowering a cable car lift (if a map with one were added) and you had to find components of it's gearbox and align them correctly to allow it to lower the lift in a controlled manner, and allows you to retrieve loot from the cable car.

These are just some basic puzzles I thought up, maybe you guys could come up with better ones.

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By physics puzzles, do you mean more physical interaction with the environment? That would be nice, the world is very very nice so far but when I do play I feel rather detached from it when the wind isn't howling at least. As for pre-built clearly designed puzzles I would say no, the cable car idea was nice though as it was a puzzle that is simple, very local (assuming to parts could be found within the building) but poses a challenge first time around. It doesn't become irritating as all the experienced person knows just to find the part around the building and lower the car.

As this is a game that is meant to be played again and again in attempts to be better at surviving, coming at a puzzles that are simple or complex would become a point of great frustration as you would most likely not see it as a puzzle but an annoying play-wall that requires to be bashed at until it submits. Say, you start a new game and you know there's a log, and you know you have to go to that train and do that sketchy wire-act to get that counter-weight. Well, you'd start, run to the counter-weight to get it over with and run to the log. It'd just become a tedious task like taking out the garbage. Mostly from the travel time.

Simpler interactions like would be nice though.

-A sheet of plywood leaned over a rock or building. You can't see under it but in moving it you find a bunny recently dead from an injury.

-You come across a house with an enclosed but open foundation. You can see something behind the lattice enclosing the area but need inside, hack at the lattice with whatever you have to break it and get inside to find someone stashed some cans of food for later.

I believe involving, at times, a more involved version of searching would add quite a bit to the game.


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I do find myself wondering why that one house at the log sort is boarded up, is it unsafe?, are you trying to keep something in there. There are endless possibilities in terms of puzzles. Like have a special key in the register at the service station, have the key unlock a special lock box that spawns in a random house in the town.

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