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Hey cool dudes. Sorry for my russian accent, but i need to tell you something important.

Your game should and MUST be awesome, please, don't ruin it by trying to add all things people ask for, i think the game will lose it's mood then.

So, to the point, here are some ideas that you guys probably already thought of, but just in case:

- Initial airplane crash place at the beginning of the game, where player starts kinda naked and can collect all basic stuff like bedroll, backpack and so on inside the burning airplane (also while plane burns player can warm himself for a while). crashed plane can become resque hope for a player, he can return there from time to time to try establishing radio contact with someone (when player find some radio parts around the map).

- wolf issue: just made each fight with wolves permanently reduce player's condition (5% for each fight or so), kinda realistic when you can take only 10-20 fights before your body becomes full of holes from their teeth. also wolves can sometimes get into empty house, right? why not let players shit their pants when they enter random house thinking they're safe there and get some warm greetings by some wolf inside.

- in story mode, when character reaches the end and find some people, there can be playable scene on the sunbeach with coco trees and blue ocean, player enters nice hut with warm bath and finally enjoy peace, warmness and wealth.

- what if player can sometimes find money stashes along with regular usefull stuff. just some kind of irony that in this cold world money worth nothing. Or maybe there will be some point to save these money for future scenes.

- if you even have some free time, would be cool if player can see some backstory in places where he stays. i mean, while waiting for a storm outside to end, player can find some notes in the house, family photos and so on, so he can imagine who lived in this house and what was their story.

- i don't think it's a good idea to overwhelm the game with a lot of stuff like toothbrushes, different-colored scarfs and so on. instead add new mechanics and interactivity between current objects (like punching wolves with a crowbar and using water as cheap anticeptic tool). for those players who demand true realism you can sell real one-way tickets to arctica, that will teach them.

- of course you should make some zombie mod in the future.

- when you release full game, buy yourselves some cool food, invite some girls and make a party.

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Some remarks for your ideas:

1) Start every time from one place is too boring to be played 10-15 times. If you want more interesting gameplay, it is better to start randomly all over the map. But crashed plane like a place for living/resting is good idea, as for me, like part of environment.

2) Use money only for firing. Without any trading part in game. As you said, the game can lose its mood.

3) The same about zombies. There are no zombies in real life! It is the worst idea to add that creeps. It is not Rust or DayZ. It is about real survival. But, as they say reject - offer. First idea from me: add more animals! Not only deers/rabbits and wolves. Add bears, racoons, squirrels, lynx etc. It will be better than zombies.

4) I agree with true realism (mechanics and interactivity), it's a good idea ;)

Second idea: add multiplayer! Not open multiplayer, but like in Civilization V where you can host a game and other guys can join you. Just little co-op to play together. (Sometimes looting and hunting became boring)

Third idea: add Russian biome! Maybe it will sound wrong in connection with the situation, but Russia is climatically harsh country with lots of same things with Canada.

Fourth idea: add more crafting! I understand that the game is only alpha, but i need to say that. Add craftable skates to move safely on the ice. And skis to faster movement on deep snow.

In conclusion I think this is the best survival game i've ever played. Well done! Keep it up!

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