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First, I love this game!!! My hat off to the Dev's!!!

Idea #1: Please add harvesting of CATTAILS for insulation, fire tinder and carbohydrates. For example, if the head of the plant is dark brown it is insulation. If the stalk is yellow it is tinder plug. If the stalk is green it is carbohydrate.

Idea #2: The game needs a .22LR rifle or pistol, Please!!! Light weight(2lbs), loot for a brick of ammo of either 25/50 rnds or even finding loose rounds, either wood stock or an AR-7 version or something similar, bolt action with detachable magazine. Then you have to find the ammo, magazine and rifle. If no magazine, you have to hand load each shot. If you have magazine, then you can load five rounds at a time. Perfect for bunnies or other small game and effective on wolves with say two shots or one shot for hitting the head, say under 15 meters. Same for deer, head shot only kill with the .22LR. Maybe add an old " 2x power scope" to be a rare find!!!!! Lead bullet and then jacketed bullet hollow point rounds (Super Rare). The lead would be common, hey maybe find lead wheel weights we can melt down and pour into cast at the crafting table. The jacket bullet would have more power and be a sure kill while the lead may have a probability of failing to kill, but wound and leave a blood trail for us to follow.

Idea #3: Rotting meat or fresh meat can be harvested for either grease or oil (Tallow)! It would be nice to see candles or allow us to craft an oil lamp out of a orange or grape soda can or a rare mason jar or use the animal oil in the current lamp!!!! Grease could be required to assist in metal upgrades or repairs or even sharpening!!!!!

Idea #4: I REALLY HOPE the Dev's will listen to this one, I would love to see an ammo can stove in the game! Allows for cedar and fir woods to be harvested like news paper into smaller pieces that can be burned in the ammo can stove for decent burn times. It is portable and convenient AND the ONLY way to have a fire when the wind blows, that way we can cram up into nooks of the rocks in emergencies or on long treks in the woods. Should have a section or two of chimney, maybe a few empty soda cans, nice sections of chimney can be (Super Rare)?!

Idea #5: If the game ever has vehicles (airplanes, cars etc...) allow harvesting of motor oil & gas as fire starter, electrical wire for snares, tire rubber for repairing shoes, seat foam for insulation to repair or improve coats, vinyl for repairing or improving or constructing backpacks, DC battery and head lights to have light!.

Just a few ideas I feel would make the game even more fun and accommodating.

OH! One more, allow harvesting Aspen trees, very rare, for medicinal purposes to replace painkillers if needed and or other plants.... Conifer tree needles can provide a hot tea to ease food poisoning!

ONE MORE IDEA, Smoke jumpers camp! The guys who fight forest fires might be found frozen to death OR one hanging from a parachute stuck in a tree! Para cord for snares, parachute for cloth or crafting a portable tent, he/she may have an ice axe, rappelling gear, flare gun with flares etc...

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