Disease FIX Please


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I´ll make it short:

I absolutely love the game (maybe to much for my own sake), but here is the thing:

When you get a disease, the game should automatically, similar to when you enter a building, save so you cannot reload to a point before you had the disease. On my last playthrough I easily survived 155+ days because of this and still had 30 rifle rounds left (before I had to find out the hard way that you can die from shock of an attack). It is of course great to be among the top 15 or so players in the charts but it is not honest or challenging at all that way if you can always reload and avoid diseases from unboiled water or uncooked food. I know it is sad of me to use this cheat but I would love it if this would be fixed so it actually becomes a real challenge because I am sure that everyone else who survives more than 100 days does the same thing ;-)

I hope that the developers see this topic and I am looking forward to a real playthrough in the future.

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Easy fix: you shouldn't reload the game! It's on you and that's all you have to do! ;)

Funny to read those posts where people ask for something to prevent reloading, and they mention that they're easily lived XY days, because they were able to reload all the time! xD

And it's also funny because those people ruin the game for themselfs. The real challenge and the "real" playthrough it's on you.

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