Challenge Mode NOT SAVING

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Hi, it's been a long while since I've played TLD, so I've come back to it to try out a few of the Challenges and have found that my save files are disappearing.

I can save fine, can back out of that session and Resume a save, but as soon as I close the application (PS4), and reload TLD, the save file has disappeared, and there is only the 'New' option, no 'Resume'.

This is incredibly frustrating; after two long sessions, I've wasted around 10 hours playing for nothing.

I did a search in the Bug section and found one dude with the exact same problem reported from FEBRUARY, with zero action on it or any comments.
What's up Hinterland, is this abandonware?

Sincerely; a frustrated Backer.

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Moved to support forum where the Support team will see it.

We have been regularly updating The Long Dark since launch, including several recent updates. We understand that bugs can be frustrating and are doing our best to address them.

Thank you for reporting this.

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Hi @tadamir , thanks for posting, that does sound very odd.

If you haven't done so recently, could you do a full power-cycle of your console (turn it off completely and disconnect from power for about a minute) and see if this still occurs?

If the problem is still happening, try uninstalling/reinstalling the game. This should ensure you have the very latest version of the game and any missing or corrupted game files are restored.

Let us know how it goes!

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Hello Support Person!I
Thank you for your response (and for moving this to where it should be! It's initial placement was due to me being a bit Lost as to where to put it, sorry)

I hadn't been back in the game for several days after this issue, but turning my PS4 off and on again (after an unrelated crash), magically the Challenge Mode Save file popped up (I'd also deleted a couple of extraneous Story Mode save files and got the count down from 21 to 15, perhaps this helped too?)

So, issue resolved, I just need to be aware to restart the PS4 for the save files to show up.
Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere; in this age of 'never-turned-off-always-on-for-updates' consoles, there's an expectation that you shouldn't have to reboot your machine for a save file to show up?
Anyhoo, thanks again! (I'm very relieved that those struggled for hours and desperately fought for good clothes weren't all for nothing).

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Glad you were able to find your save! We agree that not being able to see a created save isn't expected behaviour -- if this is happening a lot it suggests there is an issue with the game or console.

However rebooting the console is a good first step any time someone is seeing strange behaviour with regards to launching the game or creating/find saves, as it can help flush system issues, prompt update checks, etc.

Good luck out there!

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