Venison uses/ Drugging Wolves


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well for one, the painkillers in game would be either NSAIDS or Paracetamol (Tylenol to you guys over in the states), it wouldn't be a tranquilizer. If you want tranquilizers in game, ask for tranquilizers, I'm sure a Ranger would have a tranq-qun somewhere, in any case.

The drugs you are thinking of would something like Ketamine, which is not used as a painkiller (it's used as a horse tranquilizer). Besides, what is the point of tranqing wolves? you cannot train them, and bears would take more tranquilizer than you could find. Plus tranquilizers take 10-15, or sometimes 20-30 minutes to take effect in real life (Dishonored and Deus Ex got the effect times completely wrong, they are not instantaneous)

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