Deer on Coastal Highway


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Hey, I'm sure any devs reading this are busy people so I'll keep this short:

Love game and excited about updates

Need more deer on Coastal Highway

That's it. Now if someone reading this has time, here's what I just said, only with more detail and full sentences!

I'm really enjoying this game/simulation. If this is just the Alpha version, I am going to flip when Beta or the full game comes out. It took me a while to get my bearings, so to speak, but I'm proud to say that my most recent run lasted 118 days. The only major issue I've had is what led to the end of his last streak. I had started in Mystery Lake and then moved to the Coastal Highway after 60 days when I realized I wouldn't last much longer there. While I was exploring Coastal Highway, I was so excited about all the food and clothes I was finding in the buildings that it took me quite a while to realize that I saw lots of wolves and rabbits, but rarely any deer. About 40 days into Coastal Highway, 100 days days total, I started trying to actively hunt, but didn't have any success except for wolves that had attacked me. The whole time I was there I only saw maybe 6 deer, and two of those were carcasses I stumbled upon. When I realized there were no deer to be had I started hunting wolves, which is what got me killed. I would really liked to have been able to find deer, since I still had several bullets that I was saving for them. Next time I'll start on the coast and when I've run out of food there I'll move on to the fertile hunting grounds of Mystery Lake to live out the rest of my days.

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The deer rotate in different areas of the Coastal highway. Down in the village where most of us like to put our base its wolf territory, but deer are more common up the mountains, like the Silent Clearing, and they spawn occasionally out around the waterside cabins and you can find them out around the Bear Creek campgrounds

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