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BaSk7-D69 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]


The aurora I went to sleep without checking fire - Nice night to die frozen

When I wake up that’s a relief to actually wake up, there’s still 2.5h fire time, thanks to the outside bonus? Spend the day crafting arrowheads while making water. I found so much scraps, I wonder about doing the hatchet. I have the knife, 12 arrowheads, and still 9 scraps. My brain tells me the hatchet is useless since I can hacksaw limbs and saplings, plus I have a toolbox to repair the hacksaw, and I have prybar and hammer (repaired with fir) for fishing holes. I decide to go all the way on arrowheads, I’ll never be back at the forge, even if I’m sure I won’t be able to loose/lose so many arrows.

I’m surprised I didn’t find a tool in here…

Nearby crows are for a deer carcass, these 1.2kg of meat will help me heal before the travel back.


Explore the muskeg a but, find a scrap, and a lantern I don’t know if I harvest it, already have 30 arrowheads.

10h sleep-heal under herbal influence, from 28% to 66%.



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BaSk7-D70 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Lots of auroras in the Muskeg. Maybe that’s why it’s so wolfy? The Muskeg asks you to come with the flashlight?


Repair the coat. Sounds like a very decent coat, this Simple Parka. Anyway at -46°C air temperature like this morning, the clothing is purely decorative.

Sleep-heal until around 2PM, weather is really nice, a warm light fog. That’s now or never. One wolf I occupy with a deer. The travel until the tunnel gives 2 birchs saplings, one suprise-wolf near the exit: I sprint and hide behind a rock once I can’t sprint anymore. Breaking line of sight is efficient and Mother Nature lets me live a bit more.


When I arrive at the tunnel, I lost around 30% health, but can’t stop: it’s gonna be dark in 2h, and hyporisk is only at 34%. I arrive without difficulties before night, with hyporisk around 50%. This warm fog took me in its arms like a loving grandma.


I spend a match for a torch-fire, need some calories before sleeping, while it cooks I spent my tempbars outside building fatigue and fighting the inevitable come-back of Cabin Fever. Sleep from 24% to 58%. Wasn’t tired enough to heal correctly.


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BaSk7-D71 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Fuel, water, healing from 39 to 80.

BaSk7-D72  [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

I think I have a Cured Maple, but can’t find it - Maybe I left it at the Camp?

In the evening, I transfer for Camp in nice weather. I’m more confident, knowing I have a knife I go grab these sticks I didn’t dare before, I change my paths and cross through Deadfall Something. I arrive at Camp with 52 sticks, and 52% health. The maple is here, on the workbench. Craft arrows, my knife stays at 100%. 1hour bow crafting is 2% (started at100%). Go sleep starved, maybe tomorrow go for fishing with all my new sticks collection?


I feel like a Saudi Prince

BaSk7-D73 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Morning blizzard, craft the bow. Full bow craft takes 10% of your improvised knife. I’m starved for so long only half my fatigue bar is available. Sleep until midnight light, and then maybe transfer to fish hut ? No, fog and snow at midnight. 20% health, but I don’t want to use stalks when I have everything to fish.


NOW, we're speaking

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BaSk7-D74 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Health 14%. Now, I use stalks and head back to Trapper’s, where calories are much better. I should have stocked before leaving, but I was so impatient to get a bow… It’s difficult to clear the fatigue penalty that comes from starvation, which in turn prevents you from healing. I decide to take a crackers box and head back to Trappers.

When I got out, it’s one of this light warm fogs (grandma’s arms, remember?) and there is a deer on the railway.


I make a stick run around it, then once behind make it run towards the Camp, the light fog became pre-blizzard snow. First arrow misses, the head moved but the deer didn’t see it and didn’t flee. Second arrow is a headshot.

I feel so proud.



I take .5kg barehands, find my arrow and run inside for warmth.



Match-torch-fire, cook, eat, make runs on full temp bars to grab more steaks. I really feel like a survivor. Warm in my crafted clothes, I took my crafted bow and arrows, and I headshot a deer while at 11% health. For the first time, I’ll have the whole carcass for me. I’m not praying a wolf will leave enough for me to survive.

Tonight I DESERVE to fade in the short dark. THAT is survival.

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Just now, Drifter Man said:

Congratulations! You must have been starving for a few days straight...

I think the last meal was on Day 71 evening. I did make the error to be impatient since the maple was in Camp Office and I wanted to be able to say I used a bow on Interloper, I should just have stayed another day at Trapper's and snap some rabbits. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make such a mistake twice. I was actually heading back to Trapper's when I found there was a deer right outside the Camp, and Trapper's was waiting me with, I think, 3 rabbits. But anyway, too impatient.

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BaSk7-D75 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Finish harvesting my kill, then maglens cook it.

Of course now I want wolf pelts, since I won’t have cloth to repair civilized clothes until the end of the world. I Think a good place to hunt wolf could be the cabins on opposite shore, where I got barked at while doing my evening footing in the fog last time. Plus that would make a stick round in the same time. The lake is perfect for hunting wolves.

I sprint inside the Camp Office stairway (to heaven, there was a bedroll there) until I’m exhausted enough to be able to sleep-heal 10h


I should call the dudes for a party


Can you spot what has changed?

BaSk7-D76 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Slept from 17% to 49% (back to regular 3.2%… Is Trapper a bonus place? Or because this is an aurora night?) Bow at 98%, is it 1%/shot arrow? That would mean one would need to find maple saplings quite often in order to survive long term...

Heavy fog all day long, lifts up a bit just before nightfall, I grab 3 steaks (1scent) and I transfer to the cabins exhausted, I sprinted along the electrical lines thinking I would have to sleep at Camp. On the way I take a ton of sticks (50), plus a fir I left near a corpse. I won’t burn it, just in case at some point fishing becomes interesting and for whatever reason I’d need to repair the hammer.


Now, THEY fear me. (maybe not)


BaSk7-D77 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Slept 10h from 40% to 72% (regular 3.2%/h), CF @67%. Decide I’ll go check where this rope leads, since I have fatigue t spend and CF to fight. It brings me to “nowhere”, just a cave, some rabbits (I manage to snap one) and a shortcut to the tunnel to FM. But… I harvested a Maple sapling, which is a treasure on long term.

Of course just when I want to hunt wolves… is a day they are on vacation. So change of plan, I loot the cattails around the island in the middle of the lake. Of course just as I arrive there, wildlife spawns everywhere… wolf and bear… come on…head back with 7 cattails and a sprained wrist.

BaSk7-D78 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]


Maglens fire in the -46°C morning (no wind) to avoid dehydration. Afternoon blizzard preventing me from hunting wolf. I understand wildlife appears only when you approach the zone they patrol and there's some kind of bubble zone around, after which the game will not either spawn or display wilflife, so I transfer to the lone cabin near the bear. I find two snares I left last time I was here. Seems I’m really alone on this island.



I test some tactics with the fresh gut from yesterday’s rabbit: aggro on the wolf is instant, but if you drop it the wolf will stop coming to you. Wait a bit more, it will continue to come to you, or the gut. I was too afraid to make sure it was for the gut and entered the cabin. I will try to drop it somehow lateral in order to see if it goes for the gut or for me. If it’s for the gut, hunting come become easier since you know the wolf trajectory.

Next tempbar, I head outside… I discover the gut disappeared. I wish it’s because it does work the way I was trying to confirm, and the wolf stops to eat it.


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BaSk7-D79 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

It’s sad the bear spaws every time you get out of the Cabin, I’d love it to live its life even when I’m indoors. Since there’s no wolf and it’s a beautiful day, I’ll try my luck on the bear. Find a nice place to shoot it, make a maglens fire at the “entry” of my spot. First shot, too short. Second shot, it hits and the bear run away. I go grab my 2 arrows. Third shot, miss and the bear runs away.


I move in the opposite shore hills, study his trajectory, and when I think I’m taking a high ground position, I end face to face with it. In the panic, fourth shot, I miss and run away. I “jump” from the rock towards the cabin, the fall takes my wrist out. I go outside later to retrieve the arrow.

After 2h sleeping for the wrist, 5th arrow hits. Back to the Hut to warmup, and repeat: the 6th arrow hits too, but it sticks on the bear. Who runs away, crying desperately. It runs out of sight in the hills, I’m freezing and go warmup at the cabin. When I head out, the bear spawns from its starting point and is still running again, towards yesterday's rope. I don't see him back but can't go check, I hope it died there. I guess any change of area makes his “dying procedure” to repeat? I’m cold, it’s night very soon, I head to the Camp and its available deer calories. The spawn mechanic of this bear is broken, it's predictable and doesn't make sense.

I left some stuff at the Cabin: mainly the Maple sapling, snares and some cattails. I’ll have to go back there at least once. CF is down to 33% after this hunting session.

BaSk7-D80 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Will I find the bear carcass somewhere? This beast may live I don’t care, but at least give me my arrow back, I nearly died for it. Wake up at 72% health. 10AM, sunny day, winds pushing towards my destination. I take 10min to prepare my bag, and the wind has turned, it’s now facing me. Switch plan to making water on site. Winds turn again, fire dies. Make an arrow waiting for the winds to also die.

Winds back towards my destination around 14PM, FL-14, sunny weather, I leave the Camp with 3 of my last 4 steaks. I’m careful about windshielding and I make it to the Cabins without hyporisk. There is a deer on the lake where I hunted the bear, but I haven’t seen crows for a bear anywhere? Next tempbar I go out searching for it.


Had this dead guy in front of Fishut bean killed by bear or wolf?

Can’t hear or see any crows nearby the rope, where I last see the bear running. Next temp bar I try to find some blood, there is no wolf there since I’ve seen deer. When I arrive at the lonely cabin, I understand why I didn’t find the carcass. The bear is simply, like, not dead, as if nothing ever happened. Hope he still have my arrow up his asscheek.


I stuck up 3 more arrows in the big boy (I'm down to 3, missed one that I recovered), It’s blizzard time, last time I see it before entering the cabin , it’s running up in the hills left hand when you go upstream to the Dam.


On the next episode of BareSkin7 adventures: Will the bear respawn again completely safe? Will Bareskin lose all his arrows in the stupid bear hunt? Will he meet a BareSkin girl sunbathing topless on the lake?


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4 hours ago, BareSkin said:

Will Bareskin lose all his arrows in the stupid bear hunt?

I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler, but

I'm pretty sure you experienced bugged bear behaviour there. It shouldn't be like that. Depending on how long ago you actually played this part of the story, it may well have been fixed since. (And hopefully you will have had the chance to experience a 'proper' bear hunt in the mean time.)

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48 minutes ago, Pillock said:

I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler, but

  Hide contents

I'm pretty sure you experienced bugged bear behaviour there. It shouldn't be like that. Depending on how long ago you actually played this part of the story, it may well have been fixed since. (And hopefully you will have had the chance to experience a 'proper' bear hunt in the mean time.)


It's fine, it's not advice for helping me to survive. This part was played on 29th September if I believe the screenshot dates. Can't say more, that'd be spoiler to you as a reader :D

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BaSk7-D81 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Today has been a very long day.

I go out in a wonderful sky, hear crows on the right, go check: the bear is here, dead. At its spawn point it seems. I make a selfie with him, feel like a dumbass tourist in an elephant safari, find only one arrow, head back to the Cabin, cause it’s cold and I don’t have any firewood with me.



I feel cheated the game didn’t ask me to follow the blood, but at the same time I’m relieved this “bug” makes it easier for me.

It’s time for me to study Quartering, which I never used. That’s actually a no brainer on Loper: 2h hacksaw to gain ability to transport it versus 7h41 to harvest without the guts (carcassing 4)? The question boils down to “do you want to die frozen, or not?

I choose the knife instead of the hacksaw, since I don’t have any scrap metal left but own 4 whetstones. Even harvested (without the guts), you’d have to haul it anyway, across a lake full of wolves? No thanks. I'm roughly guessing the mere fact that you get the guts and skin in 2h work is already a good deal.



Take two bags, try to put away the others from the fire cause I think it causes faster decay. Find one more arrow inside/below the beast. The knife is at 93%, so it seems tools wear out on a “per use” basis and not “per time”, which seems strange but hey… Back to the bags, I find my last arrow: the second shot from yesterday, which means even if the respawn is bugged, the shots are somewhat recorded. Weather turn bad on my second hauling trip, I must hurry. 5 bags left, I take 3 since I’ll be even more exhausted on the last trip.

I use the last 2h of my very warm fire to fight cabin fever. While waiting at the fire, my brain releases pressure: the bags are safe outside the cabin, the pelt and guts are inside curing, everything is fine, the work is done. Didn’t even spend a match on it. Can’t believe I’ve killed a bear before a wolf...


Make water, grab nearby cattails and sticks. And go sleeping when the fire dies out at nightfall. Tonight, I feel like I own the Lake. Mother Nature agrees, for once, and treats me with a beautiful aurora show.



Edited by BareSkin
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BaSk7-D82 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

From 56 to 87, healed ankle. Harvest the bear bags. Harvest 3.5kg of a bag inside to warm up, remaining 1.1kg outside against cabin fever. Rinse and repeat. The whole ****ing day. Carcassing 5. The last chunk is at 45% condition.


BaSk7-D83 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

From 60 to 89. Think I missed the last hour of sleep for not being exhausted enough from… harvesting a bear..."rest as a resource"? No thanks.

Outside is a -79°C blizzard, not in good mood for cooking the bear meat. Weather clears out in late afternoon, go for post-blizzard stick round around the Cabins, then maglens fire cooking the most decayed bear chunks (41%, 91% when cooked). Today is a no-wildlife day. They are all mourning the bear.

I could do something while the chunks are cooking, but I don’t. I stay around the fire, cause it’s outside and I’m not freezing, which is good for preventing cabin fever a whole week. Aurora night, I feel like I’ll never be able to cook all this meat.


The wind kills my fire around 2AM, cooked more than half the meat, eat one 1080 calories chunks and go to sleep. Check the Journal, there’s an entry on “number of wolves distracted by decoys”. It’s value is 1, which confirms my theory of Day78 about how to hunt wolves.

BaSk7-D84 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

I go back to Camp transferring maple, bear hide, water and retrieve the books. One book is on cooking, that’d be nice if I could clean parasites risk with level 5. 3 wolves are guarding the entrance of the Lake, that’s why I didn’t see any wolf near the Bear Cabin. I happily pay hyporisk in exchange for no-wolf struggle.


After doing my stuff in the Office, I head back to the Bear Cabin by the hills near the railtracks in front of the Lookout to avoid the wolves. End up on a rabbit spot on top of the hills, there are 2 ropes down to go the the cabin, but it’s blizzard kicking in and I’m facing the winds. There’s a cave nearby, I find a bad firestriker and an archery book. Snap a rabbit (can’t find its brother anymore), find a deer carcass and hacksaw its .9kg meat, and decide to head back to Camp Office. I should come back and place snares.


Once at Camp Offce, I notice the books sizes are proportional to their research hours, I find this little detail very nice. Check the workbench for arrows, I understand that I would need another bear hide before hoping to do anything with the one I have.

I go to bed starved, I can’t afford a match/striker in order to eat. 0.27L of water left.

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BaSk7-D85 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

I wake up at 63% health, start a mag-lens fire for water and cooking yesterday’s raw meat. Mission today: place the snares up hill, and go finish to cook the bear meat.Looking at the Camp Office from inside and outside, it strikes me the inside is much bigger than the outside.



That’s funny

Looking for yesterday’s cave, I overshoot on the left but find tons of sticks, make a U-turn end end up above a river and under yesterday’s second rope. Just need to cross the river, next hill, and the Bear Cabin. I sprain a wrist, but I see rabbits towards the Dam and no wolf towards the Lake, so I cross.


The next part of the lake is a no-wolf zone too, I have to fight my way against the winds, drop the 2 snares at bear spawn point and make it to the cabin with 39 sticks, severe 50 hyporisk and 30% condition. But tonight, I’ll eat, read (I didn’t have a cooking book as I tought) and sleep well.

BaSk7-D86 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Find a kind of ridge above the Bear Cabin, ~20sticks. Fog and snow all day long, no cooking. No rabbits in the snares. Intestinal Parasites risk cleared. Eat a 41% venison, 2 half-calories bear steaks (4% parasites risk), finish the archery book, sleep 10h from 37 to 67 (+40% also at the Bear Cabin sometimes, go figure...).


BaSk7-D87 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Blizzard until noon, fog all day long, I suffer dehydration. I will, in the evening just before spending a match, find 2.73L of water I previously left in the trunk of the Cabin and feel very stupid. Tempbar run to the middle island produces 8 sticks. Didn't see any wolf, so next temp bar I move cooked bear steaks closer to Camp Office, to the nearby closing fishut. Sleep-heal from 54 to 86 (regular +32%, same bed as yesterday +40). It was some kind of day off. Much appreciated.

BaSk7-D88 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Morning light allows maglens fire, I cook the lasts chunks, they are at 21% raw, 71% cooked.


You can’t read a book about a discipline you’re already level 5. It will take longer to get “Books Smarts” badge. OK, so I decide to practice firestarting instead. It's good I started a maglens fire this morning, the whole day has been foggy after that.

While doing the firestarting, my brain connects and thinks it’s good tactics to cook loads of meat on several fires, taking advantage of nice weather. Had I been a little bit smarter sooner I wouldn’t have lost some much and food condition to cook the bear.


I leave with steaks on the deserted Lake just before nightfall. I arrive at Camp Office thinking that, once again, I forgot the snares at the bear spawn.

Tonight, rabbit meat to avoid stacking parasites. Heal back to 100%, it’s been a long time. (that was on JackRabbit’s iirc)

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BaSk7-D89 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

-45°C air temperature in the morning, I’m impressed that it still impresses me. Craft a second bow while waiting the outside to warm up. I want to go to Trappers for hunting wolves.

Before Max clearing, I drive a deer in front of me. That’s very often a wolf patrol. Above the hill, I find the deer perfectly safe, for once it’s not wolfed. Wait, it is, they’ve just not been introduced. I help them. The deer is smart, and sacrifices one of it’s rabbit-friends. First arrow is too high. Second arrow is a headshot on the wolf. Grab the rabbit, but can’t make a fire anywhere near the wolf, it’s dead on a slope. So I quarter it (takes 1h with knife) and head to Trapper’s.



I payed with losing 30% to freezing (hyporisk 74%), but the pelt is of value to me. I leave the second rabbit alone, my first plan was to sacrifice them for wolf pelts. I arrive at Trapper’s with hyporisk 84%. I feel like I’ve been careless, if the weather had changed I would be fighting hypothermia. Next time, I leave the carcass and come back warmed up.

I'm killing time in the evening, while clearing hyporisk I check I'm still good with the Force. I am.


BaSk7-D90 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

Healed from 32 to 49 (left only ~500 cooked calories at Trapper’s before leaving). Morning maglens fire (skies go cloudy 1h later), I have so much raw food to cook.

Go on a stick run towards Unnamed Pond, but just after the crest I get barked at, I immediately turn and sprint to Trapper’s. Next temp bar, I arrive at the wolf zone from the rabbits/deer one. Barks at me, I lure him to the still-living deer of yesterday. Wolf kills deer. I miss Wolf, it runs away. I notice: good way to get deer meat. Wolf kills second rabbit. I headshot wolf.

This time, I grab the rabbit and leave right away. It’s snowing, I already have around 30% hyporisk. The wolf protected the precious sticks I came for, but at the price of its pelt.


BaSk7-D91 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

From 28 to 69 - “ 4%/h = the Trapper’s bonus” - Harvest 1 rabbit and 2 ruined snares, make 2 new with bear guts, sun around noon, fire, water, cooking. In the evening the wind die, I go quarter the wolf, haul it back, then rinse and repeat on the deer. Should have begun with the deer, it’s 4 bags and I’m exhausted. Harvest the bag until midnight, half inside half outside to fight cabin fever. I didn’t spend a match nor a stick on this ton of raw meat and second wolf pelt. And I like it too much.


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BaSk7-D92 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion]

From 17% to 59% (4.2%/h, don’t understand why, bonus on low temperatures like the fire?). Blizzard then fog/snow, I harvest the 3 morning rabbits.


I would like to repair my ragged clothes, but it’s better to spent the cloth when it’s the most efficient (i.e. it brings the tuke at 99%). Snow stops at noon, I go grab the sticks the second wolf was protecting yesterday. I even break a branch, the noon light fog is very soft on temp bar (FL-17). Back to trapper’s, I see 3 deers. Since I have plenty of food and already 2 spare deerskin, I immediately decide they’re not worth their weight on birch saplings cause it seems these saplings don’t renew.

Next temp bar, breaking branches. Next tempbar, still very warm late evening, I decide a trip to the Unnamed Pond. The fog lifts up when I eye-contact the Blind, I hear footsteps (wolf?) and my tempbar is already more than half-consumed, so I head back. 30Sec later I am facing the EvilWind and immediately drop into hyporisk, collect a birch sapling (without hatchet B|) and sticks on the way back.

Make it back to Trapper’s with 40% health, that’s a fair price to pay for mag lens possibility. Make a StoneAge 6-stove (patent protected). The fire warmth bonuses are additive/cumulative (they physically shouldn't), I got two arrows up near temperature bar when in the middle of the Triangle Of Fire. I imagine primitive societies made of Mackies and Astrids re-discovering pentagrams Fire rituals.


I reward myself for these 4h of cooking with 2640 (840+840+960) from wolf and deer (in that order) since parasites risk just finished its timer, and sleep from 30% to 72% (3.2%/h regular healing...). I can’t remember when was the last time I had a full stomach.


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