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Hello Longdarkers, very nice to met you. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and work as a developer for the corporate market. I found TLD on Steam looking for something similar to Don't Starve (which I love, but have put aside completely after playing TLD). I've enjoyed this game so much that I couldn't help it but going into the forums several times a day, working on the leaderboard, trying to find bugs to report, and found the need even to write my very first game review on steam.

First thing that came to mind while playing my starting runs were the times I did some high mountain trekking some years ago. Recalling in particular the almost unbearable fatige, having to catch my breath regularly every 10 steps, and the overwhelming beauty and power of nature. I'm actually seriously considering taking some time to repeat the experience this january!

At the same time, I enjoyed the game so much for all it has. It's atmosphere, the music, the wilderness, the sound of the trees, the fire, the wind, the wolves. The race to learn to survive, and then working on doing it indefinitely. Learning about the gear, the tools, the places. Hunting for deers and bunkers. Dealing with Fluffy, waiting for him on the stairs with the rifle, or assuming it's absense just to bump into his face near the end of the corridor. Mystery Lake being adjusted in the last update allowing access to several places that weren't reachable before, making it a more nice and interesting map to my taste. The lost of the Bunker again. The surprise of Ravine. The need for extra attention in regions with too many wolves. And so much more.

Never thought I could go through such an expeciente with a game, so, most of all, I wanted express my gratitude to the developers and the active community. I understand there is a great team behind this game, I really hope the best for them and that the game turns into a huge success. Hope I'd more time to put into supporting the game, I'll do my best.

BTW, if there's a trekker in the forum and ever wants an opinion on trekking in a couple of places in this side of the planet, drop me a line! :)


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