Losing my mind, or bizarre bug?

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While hanging out in the mountaineering hut, I decided to go try to fill in any spots on the map I was missing. I head on up to the dear clearing, and discover that I'd previously left a couple of rifles and heavy hammers in the cave. Cool, I'll add them to the other two I have in the hut. 
I get back to the hut and... there are no rifles, sitting under the work bench. I'm sure I left them there. 
There are no heavy hammers, sitting by the ice hole. 
Did these tools teleport to a random cave, or did I go utterly mad and run off in a blizzard, hiding tools in random holes, and wake up having thought I dreamed the whole thing? 

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Possibly you consumed the new secret mushroom "Peyote" that was added when no one was paying attention.  Side effects include "doing silly things an not remembering it".

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If you go to the update section and read the comments for the hotfix that fixed the seems that THAT hotfix may also need a hotfix....and there has been no word on WTH that's coming to us...

Apparently I double posted because I wanted to ask WHEN that might be occurring and I got crapped on for complaining about the situation....

War never changes....

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