Cooked meat condition in latest 1.36 update

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Hey guys, okay so I noticed that after cooking a 94% condition raw meat, it goes 100% percent and then placing it on the ground and picking it up again condition is 77% is this normal? Link to screencast


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On 8/29/2018 at 2:02 AM, Support said:

Hi @Budji, thanks for posting, that does sound unusual. Are you seeing this every time you drop cooked meat on the ground? What Game Mode / Experience mode are you currently playing?

Ohai. This is in story mode on capable survivor difficulty. This is the only instance I've tested it so will test again and let you know. Thanks!

EDIT: BTW the degrading condition happened on all the meat on the ground in the video.

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Okay so this seems to happen only if you place the meat on the ground right after cooking and does not degrade if you pick it up and then drop it.
In the below video tested on a voyageur sandbox play-through with update 1.37, the meat is ruined instead of just degrading.


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Thanks for your replies, @Budji! We're looking into this issue, from what we have seen so far it looks like it's triggered under some fairly specific conditions in the save.

For now, we suggest any players who have seen this try to take meat into their inventory when it's done cooking before placing it anywhere.

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Meat is still degrading really fast for me after the 1.37 patch.

I dropped my rabbit meat on the ground and then placed it onto the hot stones of a campfire.

After it was cooked I immediately put it in my pack without putting it on the ground. After sleeping a few hours I noticed it was a 17% condition.

Also as others mentioned things are not "snapping" to the circles on fire barrels...

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