Let's see your survival kit!

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Just got back from a short hike in the Canadian Rockies, and about to go back out tomorrow. As I was airing out my gear I figured I'd take a picture of it, mostly because I like to see how my kit evolves year by year, and then I thought it'd be cool to see everyone else's kit.

So, spill your survival kit / hiking bag / bug-out pack / zombie grab-and-go bag, and post a picture of it!

Here's mine...as of today. (Minus a few things here and there.)


For those who are interested, this is the list:

60L short pack

2L water

1L fuel

burner + kettle

rain pouch

2.5" sleeping pad

-12C pheonix hybrid mummy sleeping bag

swiss army knife


LED lantern


head lamp



50' allpurpose rope

leather gloves

bag of dehydrated food

outer rain shell + hat

coffee grounds + toothbrush

blister bomber, pens, tooth cleaner pills, string, water purifier pills

drysack for clothes

Asolo power matic boots

maverick 88 12 gauge

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I'll take a pic of my car bag, but I'm a little particular about what's in my actual BOBs, and especially what's in my caches. ;)

Not photo (public) material, IMO!

Now I have a ton of just gear, and guns, and knives, but some of it doesn't stay in containers, or at least not travel containers...

Thanks - T

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No pic yet but this is some basics of my kit I take hunting:

I consider critical:

Fire steal. matches. tinder

Silva Ranger Compass, area topographic map -Compass is tied to me on a lanyard!

Petzl head lamp (charged up!)

Swiss Army Knife

water bladder (i like them as they are quiet to drink from when hunting, and fold up when empty)

First aid kit/ survival blanket

Couple thousand calories of nuts & chocolate

Toilet paper!

Long and Lat coordinates of where I am going and my general plans left at home with someone

Other stuff:

MEC stove/ 1l bottle of fuel

Asolo boots

303 Lee Enfield/ Sometimes a crossbow


surplus ALICE pack board

various surplus camouflage

heavy surplus wool sweater/ (lots of wool)

100 m paracord


MEC sleeping bag/ mat

smart phone with maps downloaded (unreliable but handy while batteries last)

2 way radio usually

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2400 Kcal food bar

12 water packets

3 mountain house pro pack food

12 400kcal meal replacement bars

Hammock with tree slings

2 mylar blankets

Alcohol stove

Stove wind brake, wood fire capable

1L 99% alcohol

20 Waterproof strike anywhere matches

1 Magnesium block with fire steel

1 fire steel

20 fire starters (cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly)

50' 550 paracord

50' climbing rope

3 carabineers


sawyer water purifier

spare filter

Nalgene bottle

stainless steel cup for boiling

100oz camelback bladder

3 collapsible water bottles

Signal mirror



Emergency Radio

Solar panel

2 folding knives

1 machete

1 multi tool

Trauma pack

General med pack



Dust filters

Wet wipes

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