Scumbag Wolf is Gonna Get Ya' - Let's Play The Long Dark


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So I finally get to test my survival skills! The elements. The wildlife. The beef jerky!

This is my first play through with the sandbox mode and although I knew a little bit about the game I tried not to look up anything that might influence my first impression of the game. So far I am really enjoying the game. I like the approach that this game takes to survival compared to other games in the genre. The management of your supplies and resources. The emphasis on actual survival against the elements, wildlife and the environment itself. Rather than simply surviving an enemy I'm forced to survive agains't everything! I feel it takes a very clever approach with the caloric management, giving the game an air of realism that a lot of games don't quite nail. It's simple enough to understand but can be challenging at times to manage.

Anyway, I like what i've played so far! It's very refreshing to play. I would even say at times relaxing.

So here are my first steps into the frigid apocalypse. I definitely plan on continuing.

[bBvideo 560,340:1pleg0t3]

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