#351 Fire in Ice Fishing Hut still burning after reload

Burning Bridges

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This happened in the Ice Fishing Hut next to the Fishing Camp.

I made a fire in the hut, then decided to reload because I had forgotten all my meat in the Cabin.

When I can back to the ice fishing and the fire was still burning, but had no effect on ambient temperature.

Of course the wood was again in my inventory, so it is both a bug and an exploit.

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I've seen the exact opposite with a fire in the Camp Office upstairs stove. I made a fire, cooked my meat and went outside to put the meat on the corpse outside. I went back inside and wanted to boil some water on the still burning fire (had at least two hours to go). For some reason I reloaded at some point in the next hour. I was back at the door, but the fire had gone out. The state of the fire had apparently not been saved.

Different situation, but related I think.

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That thing has also happened to me before, but it seemed to work since one or two patches ago. I think it is related. The loading function will be optimized to reset the fire state only when necessary, and it may not be working 100%. So it could either "forget" to put out fires sometimes, or put them out.

I must admit though that the bug that I had should have gone away simply by exiting and restarting the game. The fire was probly just in memory. I could kick myself in the butt for not trying that :)

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