Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #8

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On 8/17/2018 at 6:57 PM, Raphael van Lierop said:

Question from @TheRealPestilence:

I answer some of this in Dispatch #3: 



But...but you didn’t answer ANY of the questions TheRealPestilence asked! That’s why they asked them! The only thing that has been confirmed is that different weapons do different damage, but we still don’t know if weapon damage is cumulative, if bleeding effects stack, if animals heal...

>:( I appreciate that he is doing these QAs, but it would be better if he would read the full question before answering (or dismissing) the question he thinks is being asked. And he even admits in his own answer here that the previous mailbag only answers some of the question (well, none of it, but it is related, yes). So why not say WHY he’s not going to answer the rest? It’s fine if the answer is something like “I really don’t know; that’s a question for the programmers”, but there’s no point in choosing a question to answer and then NOT answering it at all.


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Thanks again @Raphael van Lieropfor another instructive Mailbag Dispatch. Discussing some of the answers:

1. I very much appreciate that more funds are being invested into TLD although it has already been released. These funds may not return through additional sales. But they are a long-term investment in the credibility of the company, and there may be value in that. I for one would immediately back the next Hinterland game project on one of the higher tiers (if kickstarted), buy any DLC for TLD and generally throw money at Hinterland just knowing that I would get a huge experience plus likely a good game in return. Promise (unless you sell the studio to one of the big publishers - in that case I would NOT buy before release).

2. Other than Hinterland (or RvL) I would think that a number of players MIGHT change their reviews if the game is further updated and improved. They would just have to be... reminded. I will certainly remind some come December (redux out, episode 3 out). Promise.

3. Will McKenzie would look up to... Hugh Glass from "The Revenant" (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). Obvious. Because that guy can wrestle a bear to its death (I'm not saying this possibility should be introduced into the game). Astrid's media role model would be... hmmm... too early to say for me at this point. Need to play Astrid in Episode 3 first to get a "feel" for her. :)

4. Car visors. Thankyouthankyouthankyou... I was going to ask that at some point, as the constant searching of car visors (and NEVER finding anything) is driving me nuts. Not because I HAVE to find something in places I am searching, but because it keeps me thinking, "why, oh why did they introduce the car visors if not to hide something behind them?". Just the occasional collectible item would suffice. Keys? Even better. Now the hammer would be to find CAR KEYS which would fit the respective car but would be totally useless (car doesn't start ever).

5. More aurora gameplay elements. Huh. Honestly didn't expect that. Surprise, surprise.


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