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For tasks you have to do regularly to survive, I'd recommend some shortcut keys, such as for the following:

1. Quick Drink (drinks clean water)

2. Snack (eats smallest food item in inventory)

I'd also suggest a very simple HUD indicator for fatigue, temp, hunger and thirst, so that you are always aware of your levels.

Loving the game.


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I'd think that a way to do this would be, for example, when the hunger bar is at 25%, then the hud should show up "Peckish" in the same way it shows Colder-Freezing etc.

For hunger it would be: Peckish (25%), Hungry(50%), Ravenous(75%), Starving(100%)

Cold would be: Chilly (25%), Cold (50%), Freezing (75%), Hypothermia (100%)

Fatigue would be: Strained (25%) Tired(50%), Weary(75%), Exhausted (100%)

Thirst would be: Dry Throat(25%), Thirsty(50%),Parched(75%), Dehydrated(100%)

I think it would be better to give approximations on the HUD rather than figures and bars

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Yeah, I wouldn't want constant indicators on the screen either. I think your idea would be a much better implementation EternityTide. But personally, I think it should be 50, 70, 85/90 (I think this is when the game warns you now using tired, hungry, cold and thirsty) and 100.

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