The Long Dark - Chapter 1 - Mystery lake


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Hi everyone! I did a long dark series on my channel, while trying to learn how to survive in this game. I started this game not knowing really anything about it and I had never played a "survival" game before. I got hooked. Since I made this play list I have updated the game and started a chapter 2 - the coastal highway. No spoilers but, I've been alive for quite sometime in this 2nd chapter. ;) The only thing I've notice about the coastal highway is the wolf spawns, they seem to be right were houses and cabins are. (mostly) Which wouldn't be so bad if you could peek out of a window or something to make sure the "coast" is clear before stepping out and immediately getting tackled by a wolf. LOL. but, all in all a good game and I can't wait to see what future updates hold!

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