At the risk of being nitpicky, about those kitchens


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I feel like i might be at risk of being picky or even douche, or maybe i have watched too much HGTV but something i have noticed about some of the kitchens placement of cabinets is off.

here is your one of the kitchens would will find in the Coastal Highway



And lets have a few adjustments



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I actually found washer and dryer sets in the cellars of several cabins. Weird thing is that I found my first cellar on accident as it was just a pile of snow beside a cabin but it had a legit furnace, hot water heater, and the obligatory washer and dryer set on a little raised section. The washer and dryer were full of medical supplies for me. I agree with the visual changes the OP suggested though. Oh and we should be able to take a table leg for a club. Thanks.

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