Hello from Australia


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Hey Dev's and Players

my name's Jay from Australia

The reason I purchased "The Long Dark" early release pack:

P-Flax (Dota 2 caster) had videos on his Youtube channel. I instantly thought...

"P-Flax is a donk, I would EASILY outsurvive him" and purchased.

The reason I love TLD, it counters the high-action, high stress games I normally enjoy.

Sometimes making 1000 decisions a second can get a bit hectic.

Strolling through the Canadian wilderness enjoying the scenery can be some nice downtime.

Thanks for a great game.

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The forums here are not too active so I thought, even though I'm new, I'd welcome you here.

Glad you decided to join up on the forums. This place can always use some new people!

Be sure to post some screenshots, bug reports (if you find any), or join in on any discussions. Everyone here is pretty friendly.

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Thanx m8

Ill try take some nice screenshots and post them

I encountered a bug in my first drop but wont post as there's no screenshot, no timestamp or anything. I will never find the location again.

I wandered up a mountain and over a rock and fell off the map into an infinite drop loop, with nothing but a sun and the suns rays (looked kind of like hell... a suitable fitting for a death, was way scarier than a death in any other game ive played)

I expected the hero to die hitting the floor of the map but it just continued.

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