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I am currently on my 40th day in survival. I choose to set up my camp at the Lakeside Cottages, for a number of reasons. There are few wolfs there, some rabbits and a fireplace in the grey cottage. I also choose to set up my permanent camp there, so that I had to use a lot of time to gather resources, as I think there isn’t enough things to do in this game (yet).

I would like to see some long-term survival tasks, because, at this point the game is getting a bit to routine. First off, I would like to have the ability to check the state of each building I go into. Maybe all of the buildings have a broken window, a broken door or a hole in the wall. This would make it possible for a nearby wolf to come into the cottage, and putting you in harms way. Also, a cabin with holes and broken doors or windows would be almost just as cold as outside.

Second, I would like to be able to fix this, but at the cost of time and calories. I would think that a saw would be common in a place where there is a log sort. Maybe the log sort is the only place where you could cut planks for repairing, and these planks had to be dragged one or two at the time to your camp. I would like to find a pair of old skis, and maybe use them to craft a sledge, which can be used to transport several planks, maybe even an oven or a crafting table. The materials would have to be dragged, either manually or by sledge, to the cabin and you would need your simple or quality tools, plus a hammer and nails to start mending your cottage. As you progress, I would like to see the materials disappearing from the sledge or the ground and placed on the damaged places of the cottage. It would also be nice to be able to bar the windows. This would mean that the heat from a fireplace would warm up your cottage for a longer period, but there would be less or no light.

This entire operation would require a lot of effort and time, but gain the protection from wolves and cold. Long blizzards and wolves scratching at the doors would maybe deteriorate or damage some of the work you have done, and you would need to repair this. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if this operation was similar to the foraging process.

For this to work, these items had to be added:

- A saw, to be used for cutting planks at the log sort and for repairing your cottage

- A hammer, to repair your cottage and craft a sledge

- Nails, to repair your cottage and craft a sledge

- A harness, crafted from cloth and leather, to pull the sledge

- A sledge, crafted from planks, skis and nails, used to transport more than two planks, and possibly other heavy objects. Would require a harness to pull

Sorry for this long post and the crappy English. I’d like to end by saying that I really enjoy the game. These suggestions are only ment to make the game better, not complaining about the game as it is.

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I 2nd having to make repairs on the buildings. I love to hear it howl outside and blow but there is never any storm damage. Would be kool if once a month or so the window broke or a shelter might have a percentage chance of being permanently compromised by a tree falling through the roof.

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